Alcoholic Kombucha Now Exists So You Can Practise Wellness While Drinking

The gift we didn't even know we needed

The rise of the wellness industry brought with it jade rollers, all things Goop and odd (but mostly delicious) edible and drinkable trends such as turmeric lattes, celery juice and kombucha. While we’d like to say we are our Pilates going, kombucha drinking, bliss ball eating versions of ourselves all of the time, the truth is life is all about balance (and rosé).

Realising just that is the new brand which has brought together kombucha and alcohol for the times you want to be #health, but also are in need of a drink. Naughty Booch was launched yesterday in Australia and comes in two flavours – ginger and lemon or watermelon, cucumber and lime. 

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The drink, which comes in an aesthetically pleasing can, has no added sugar, is vegan and has an alcohol content of 4.6 per cent (about half the amount of your average glass of wine).


Oh, and if kombucha isn’t your thing, the very same company that created Naughty Booch also makes sparkling rosé in a can and canned espresso martinis – sure, they’re harder to pass off as healthy, but just think of the Instagrams.

Naughty Booch is available at Liquorland, Vintage Cellars, First Choice Liquor and First Choice Liquor Market.

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