3 Surprising Things That Cause Headaches

And how to fix them, fast

From tension headaches to hangovers, not all headaches are the same – and neither are the culprits. Most of us are all-too familiar with the major headache triggers (hello red wine). But there are plenty of far less obvious – just as painful – reasons for a sore, aching head. Here are a few we never would have guessed…

1) Aged cheese

It’s always the good stuff, right? Your favourite wedge of brie, camembert or aged cheddar could be a migraine trigger if you’re sensitive to tyramine, an amino acid found in certain foods like strong or aged cheeses, red wine (sob) and processed meats [source]. It’s wise to steer clear if you suspect this applies to you.

cheese platter red wine
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 2) Your hairstyle

In need of an excuse to let your hair down? Turns out, it’s better for your health. A too-tight ponytail can strain your scalp’s connective tissues [source]. So loosen your ponytail or let your locks fly free and give your scalp a massage. You’ll be amazed by how much better it feels.


3) The weather

A sudden change in weather or barometric pressure can bring on a migraine [source]. When you live in a country like Australia where it can jump from 19 degrees one day to 35 the next, there’s not much you can do, except maybe move somewhere with stable weather conditions (Hawaii is pretty spectacular year-round…). Or for something a little less drastic, you could opt for a painkiller to nix a headache. Like headaches, not all Nurofen is the same. With a unique formula, Nurofen Zavance tablets and caplets are absorbed up to two times faster than standard Nurofen* to help provide quick relief.



*Dewland P et al BMC Clinical Pharmacology 2009, 9:19.  

Always read the label. Use only as directed, incorrect use could be harmful. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist. Nurofen Zavance active ingredients: Sodium ibuprofen dihydrate 256mg (equiv. ibuprofen 200mg).

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