Move Over Aperol, The ‘Rosé Spritz’ Is Going To Be The It-Drink Of Summer 2020


While we’d never desert our faithful Friday night wine, we’re always excited to meet the new drink on the block, especially when it is oh-so perfect for the warmer months ahead. 

Enter: the ‘Rosé Spritz’.

That’s right, the beloved Italian Aperol spritz may have a little competition this summer, with ready-to-drink rosé spritzes quietly gaining interest as an easy alternative to traditional wine, ciders or beers as the temperature heats up.

And, of course, they boast everything you love about a classic rosé, typically offering a dry finish with a luscious bouquet of berry notes across strawberries, raspberries and cherry, sometimes softened with a hint of ‘cream’. Delicious.

While you can, of course, make a rosé spritz from scratch at home, with other variations of the trend adding vodka or even Aperol into the mix, there are many ready-to-drink options available in cans or bottles, making them extremely picnic-friendly.

Scroll on for the best ready-made rosé spritzes you can buy in Australia.

The Best Ready-To-Drink Rosé Spritzes You Can Buy In Australia

rosie rose wine

Rosie Rosé Spritz, from $6.49 (for one) at Dan Murphy’s

pizzini rose spritz

Pizzini Rosé Can, $23 for a pack of four at Liquorland

squealing pig rose spritz

Squealing Pig Spritzed Rosé, from $6.99 (for one) at Dan Murphy’s

t'gallant rose spritz

T’Gallant Rosé Spritzer, $24 for a pack of four at Liquorland

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