60s High Society Comedy ‘Palm Royale’ Is Officially Getting Another Season

A Slim Aarons-esque series.

Palm Royale is bringing the sun and secrets of 1960s Palm Beach high society to our screens, with another season confirmed and on its way.

Loosely based on Juliet McDaniel’s novel, Mr. and Mrs. American Pie, the series takes us into a Slim Aarons-esque world, where high society women rule.

Below, everything else you need to know about the stylish series.

palm royale
Kristen Wigg stars in the series.

What Is The Plot Of Palm Royale?

The series follows Maxine Simmons (played by Kristen Wiig), who reinvents herself to break into Palm Beach’s exclusive high society enclave.

The series’ official synopsis reads, “As Maxine attempts to cross that impenetrable line between the haves and the have-nots, Palm Royale asks the same question that still baffles us today: How much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice in order to get what someone else has?”

We’re looking forward to finding out what else she gets up to in season two.

palm royale
(Credit: Apple TV+ )

Who Is Cast In Palm Royale?

The series doesn’t just have an intriguing plotline but a star-studded cast as well.

With Kristen Wiig in the starring role, the show also sees Allison Janney play the country club’s Queen Bee and Kaia Gerber taking on the role of a model and actress turned manicurist.

The cast also includes Ricky Martin, Laura Dern, Leslie Bibb, Josh Lucas, Julia Duffy and the legendary Carol Burnett.

Kaia Gerber plays a manicurist in the series.

When Will Palm Royale Be Released?

The series is available to stream on Apple TV+ with all episodes of season one.

As for season two, it’s unlikely we’ll see it air on screens until 2025. Stay tuned for more updates.

Stream Palm Royale on Apple TV+ with a 7 day free trial. Subscribe here.

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