Lonely Boy, Penn Badgley Has A New TV Show And It Sounds Exactly Like Gossip Girl

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While back-to-back Netflix reruns of Gossip Girl might’ve satisfied us for six months or so, we’ve been practically gagging for another high school drama – ideally with Serena, Dan, Chuck and Blair – to satisfy those XOXO cravings. 

Thankfully, Lonely Boy (AKA Penn Badgley) has ended his five-year-long acting hiatus and is about to return to our screens in the new TV show, You.

The best part? The show is being called a darker version of Gossip Girl and Penn’s character sounds basically exactly like Dan Humphrey. 

His character will be a scheming, super-blogger (you know you love me) who utilises the internet to get close to the woman he loves, Entertainment Weekly reports. Sound familiar?!

The whole reason Dan started the Gossip Girl website was to infiltrate Serena van der Woodsen’s world, guys!

Penn’s love interest, Beck, is yet to be cast, but if they want our opinion…

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