Prince George’s Early Birthday Present Isn’t Something Most 5-Year-Olds Own

But will it impress the little prince?

Mark your diaries: Prince George turns five on Sunday July 18, and the occasion is being celebrated with all the pomp and ceremony you’d expect for the junior royal’s birthday: in fact, he’s already been given a rather significant present.

Britain’s Royal Mint has produced a commemorative coin in honour of Prince George turning five, which will be available for the public to collect.

The coin is “a new interpretation of his namesake”, according to the Mint, and will feature an image of Saint George, patron saint of England, and a dragon.

The legend of Saint George and the dragon has been used on royal coins for centuries and signifies courage and the triumph of good over evil, People reports. 

It’s not the first time the Royal Mint has made Prince George a coin – he also got one for his second birthday.

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