Meet Selin Mengu, The Single Mum Putting Her Guilt Aside To Find Love On ‘MAFS’

Her 'Married At First Sight' wedding is her first date in three years.

For the last few years, Selin Mengu’s life has revolved around her young son, Roman. 

Now, she’s ready to broaden her horizons for both herself, and her toddler as she attempts to find a love that sticks on Married At First Sight Australia. 

As she exasperatedly revealed before the show went to air, Selin hasn’t been on a date for more than three years. The first to break the dry spell will be with the man who, like it or not, will become her television husband on the spot. 

It’s a method not many would choose to take in their quest to find love, and Selin undoubtedly knows it. When she first announced she was going on the show, she wrote on Instagram: “Here’s to marrying a complete stranger. Like what on earth am I doing? But let’s goooooooo!”

She’s certainly backing her decision with no hesitation—and no one can fault that. 

Below, everything you need to know about MAFS Selin Mengu. 

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Who is MAFS‘ Selin Mengu? 

Selin Mengu, a 32-year-old executive assistant from Sydney. 

She is a single mum to her son Roman who is about to turn three, whom she’s always put first, particularly when she split from her husband shortly after welcoming their baby. 

Now, she’s attempting to leave her “mum guilt” behind in order to find love on Married At First Sight

Selin, who is of Turkish descent, describes herself as strong willed. She hopes to find a “good man” with his head firmly on his shoulders.

She hopes her groom will be, honest, faithful, and someone who will be on her and her son’s team for life.

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The mum and son duo have travelled to plenty of picturesque together, with Selin sharing numerous snaps of them on holidays in Fiji, the Blue Mountains and the Gold Coast. 

Selin and her son have surprisingly both dabbled with the entertainment industry before, too. In 2019, Selin’s sister won a radio competition with KIIS FM, and to collect the prize, she came along with Ronan for moral support. 

There, they met hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, with Selin posting about the moment to Instagram writing: “Also we got to meet the crew & “‘everyone loved Roman’.”

Something tells us this wasn’t the last time Selin will be talked about by an Australian radio station. Bring on the wedding! 

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