Sign Us Up — There’s A New ‘Sex And The City’ Inspired Dating Show

From NYC to the countryside: Candace Bushnell has designed a new dating series.
sex-and-the-city-reality-dating-showImage: HBO

The Sex and the City franchise is set to inspire a fresh reality dating series, courtesy of none other than Candace Bushnell herself.

The writer and author has devised a new reality show format titled Is There Still Sex in the City?, in which four women aged 50 or over escape the city to a luxurious country chateau where they will date a series of eligible (or not) suitors.

Bushnell, whose newspaper column gave rise to every fashionista’s favourite HBO show, took to Instagram to share the news of her latest project with [Bunim Murray], promising a dating experience for the over-50s crowd.

Candace Bushnell is offering her life as inspiration for another series. Image: Getty

“Cat’s out of the bag!” Bushnell began. “So excited to be working on a dating show for all of us over 50-somethings with [Bunim/Murray Productions]. Stay tuned.”

In an exclusive interview with Variety, Bushnell will draw on life experience as a single woman, just as she did with her original column.

“Fifty-something women and above are the hottest new dating demographic, and I should know, I am one of them,” she told the publication. “Over the decades, I’ve dated men of all ages, and I’m so excited to be working on a show that combines my passion for relationships with the chance to help women, like me, navigate a love do-over.”

What Will The Sex And The City Dating Show Involve?

The unscripted dating show, Is There Still Sex In The City?, will see four cosmopolitan women swap their busy urban lives for country living, where they’ll have a chance to find love in a so-called “dating utopia”.

“They’ll live together in a cosy country chateau where they’ll have their pick of a different group of men in each episode. They’ll try the boy toys, sample a senior age player, be romanced by the rich guys and even get to flirt with their fantasy man. But in the end, who will really steal their hearts, and will our ladies be able to bring the sex back to the city?” the show description reads.

Each of our main cast — which is yet to be decided — will be “50 something”, and their hunky matches will vary in age.

The title of the series, Is There Still Sex In The City, borrows its name from another of Bushnell’s novels, which follows her life post-divorce at the age of 50.

How Is The Dating Show Related To Sex And The City?

Well, to start, it’s four women. So, that’s something. And while we can only hope they’ll be cast within similar archetypes to our Sex And The City foursome, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, we suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

Sex And The City‘s original ‘single girl’, Carrie Bradshaw. Image: HBO

The series also draws indirect inspiration from Candace Bushnell’s life, as did the original Sex And The City series. And while they don’t share the original series’ 30-something age bracket, the new cast will be similar ages to leading ladies of the And Just Like That reboot.

Beyond that, however, the parallels may be few…

Where Can I Watch Is There Still Sex In The City In Australia?

If you’re wondering where you can watch the ‘Sex And The City dating show’ in Australia — that remains to be seen.

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