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‘And Just Like That’ Finale Recap: Samantha Is Back & So Is Anabelle Bronstein

A beautiful conclusion.
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The finale is here and, if you’ve been following the And Just Like That news cycle this week, you’ll know this only means one thing: Samantha’s back!

And, fortunately, this episode dives straight in with the good stuff.

Just be warned…


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Samantha Makes Her Much-Anticipated Cameo

How many Samantha-isms can you fit in a minute?

That must have been the brief when the writers penned this minute-long (to the second) cameo. She said a few emphasised expletives, yelled at an apartment, and name-dropped her season six Soho House alias, Annabelle Bronstein.

The Annabelle Bronstein origin story, featuring Geri Halliwell. (Credit: HBO)

Fortunately, this single minute of Samantha Jones was worth every previous minute of this entire series—and probably every penny of Cattrall’s massive paycheque. (Am I the only one DYING to know the number?)

Just hearing Samantha’s voice was enough to spike my adrenaline and satisfy my cravings. She’s just so fierce and fabulous and camp—it’s no wonder Cattrall ‘wins’ every scene she’s in.

Regardless of how teeny-tiny this cameo was, I loved every second of it. Kim Cattrall remains a stellar talent and, in Miranda’s abdication, Samantha is hands-down the best character from the original line-up.

She came, we saw… she was fabulous. (Credit: Max)

Also, one of Kim’s requests to return to the show was to have her good friend and original stylist, Patricia Field, join her. So, we must discuss the clothes.

Kim is wearing a very ‘Samantha’ metallic silver coat, a cherry red dress and—most vitally—a green Fendi bag. Splendid. 

Ding, Dong ‘Weird Miranda’ Is Dead

I’m so glad we’ve course-corrected to a path that makes sense for our beloved Miranda. 

But, man, relationship karma really bit Miranda hard this series. 

We’ve all been in that situation where the shitty thing you did in a previous relationship comes back to haunt you in the new one – only now, the shoe is on the other foot. 

This is the Miranda-Steve-Che debacle in a nutshell.

Forever. (Credit: Max)

Toward the beginning of the episode, Miranda visits Steve at his new Coney Island digs and the exes share a really touching moment of mutual love and respect, befitting their marriage and many years together.

It served as a reminder that the chemistry between these two was something special and I’m sad to see it go. Steve was, indeed, right: He and Miranda were a great pair.

When Miranda attempts a similar stalemate conversation with Che, we’re reminded these two were not a great pair. 

I won’t add more because I think we’re all just glad to see the Che and Miranda coupling in the past. 

And may they never darken our screens again… (Credit: Max)

By the end of the episode, we get to see Miranda back in her career element, and possibly hitting it off with the BBC woman (who I thought worked for the UN, but whatever).

I loved in the final supercut of each character, we see Miranda and the BBC woman chatting up a storm, reminding us that love isn’t actually that complicated—sometimes it’s just about finding someone you have that really great conversation with.

The Worst Dinner Party Game In History

Dear God, please never let me find myself at a dinner party where the host demands I dredge up unsatisfying things about my life and share it with the room.

What a mortifying way to dampen spirits at the dinner table.

The last supper certainly had some rogue party games. (Credit: Max)

Even more mortifying, was that Carrie subjects the room to this confusing social ritual before ultimately shucking the rules herself and launching into a monologue about her own thing. 

Perhaps they should have tried ‘How many Samantha-isms can you fit into a minute?’

Nya Nabs a Hot Chef

Nya hits a career high but is still grieving the demise of her marriage… until she meets the hottest man alive.

Gary Dourdan is fine. (Credit: Max)

There was that hot guy from episode one, who we all knew would return (mostly because the actor, Gary Dourdan, was on CSI, and his resume warrants more than a split-second extra spot). 

Dourdan’s character, Touissant, is apparently a Michelin starred chef (chefs are so hot right now), which also explains why the show has dedicated so much time forcing fans to understand that Nya is a foodie. 

The married couples in this show are so cute

Lisa and Herbert, Charlotte and Harry — these are couple goals. Watching them has been a lovely reminder that not everyone on this show, well, sucks. 

Cuties. (Credit: Max)

The final supercut simply shows LTW and Herbert having a bedtime snuggle, while it shows Harry & Charlotte hilariously trying to navigate a new iPhone without needing the assistance of their kids.

Never did I imagine that Harry and Charlotte would be our comic relief in this series. Alas, the shoe fits. (An actual shoe. Not Carrie’s cat, Shoe. Just wanted to make that clear.)

It’s (Kind Of) The End For Aidan & Carrie

Ah, yes. We knew this was coming

But was it a break-up?

Sayonara, Shaw. (Credit: Max)

While the pitch was a “five year break”, I think we can all safely say Carrie is single again. She will, however, still be leaving her apartment to Lysette (for now) and moving into the Gramercy Park mansion—Shoe The Cat in tow.

Carrie entering her ‘cat lady’ era. (Credit: Max)

With ever-perfect timing—and more than an excess of class—Seema then takes Carrie on a trip to Greece, where they are less Mamma Mia and more the tornado scene from Wizard Of Oz. Seriously, someone give Sarita Choudhury an Emmy for acting through that straw hat. 

Seema, Carrie and their designer bags take Greece! (Credit: Max)

And just like that… another season is over. But fans, fear not, for a third is already on its way.

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