Sophie Monk Reveals How Much She Was Paid While In Bardot

This might come as a surprise

They were the biggest girl band in Australia—at least that’s us Popstars super fans thought—but Bardot’s daily wages were less than impressive.  

Speaking to, Bardot star Sophie Monk has revealed that she and her Bardot band members were paid just $25 a day.

“Our contracts were very different to what it would be today. We came out of nowhere,” Monk explained.

“A lot of people whinge about that but it was my break. In the beginning you’ve got to do a lot of favours for free.”

Bardot in 2000 (Credit: Getty)

The Bachelorette star also recalled the frenzy that surrounded the band following their 2000 debut.

“We were working so hard. People were breaking their arms in shopping malls over us. I didn’t want that attention so young,” she recounted.

“My attitude was all very different. I didn’t crave it. It just came.”

Monk has swapped the Westfield shopping centres, and later, film sets for a new gig, having been announced as the host of reality show Love Island. We’re sure she’ll rake in a little more than $25 for this gig. 

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