Level-Up Your Nursery With This Chic Decor

If you're expecting and want to add a touch of style to your future nursery, consider these four must-have items.

Parents know that styling a nursery is more about practicality than style. However, if you’re looking for items that blend both—they can be found.

This has been the quest for husband and wife team, Fares Al-Sarawi and Najah Baroudi, and their brand, Nuage Interiors. The pair are focused on mixing form with function to create timeless decor that is fit for parents and kids. 

A Nuage Interiors nursery—the dream! (Credit: Supplied)

Nuage (meaning ‘cloud’ in French) came to be after the expecting parents tried unsuccessfully to find a nursing chair that ticked all the boxes.

“Oftentimes nursery decor is in direct contrast with the home. Complete with large features and vibrant colours, such items can overtake rooms and distract from the home’s overall tone,” the pair share.


“Rather than compromising, Nuage Interiors provides families with the best of both worlds. Each product is designed with equal parts comfort, style and function in mind.”

Nuage Interiors also makes toys for aesthetically-inclined parents. (Credit: Supplied)

The quest to find a decent chair proved so difficult, the pair ended up creating one themselves. 

Najah, who has a background in videography, user her discerning eye and passion for interiors ultimately to create the Cloud Rocker and Ottoman—a rocking chair that served her needs and also passed her aesthetic test. 

Thoughtfully designed to feature luxe fabric, the chair also features comfy head and neck support and importantly, a place to rest weary legs. 

The minimalist design is so stylish, it could easily sit in any room, not just a nursery. 

With that in mind, we’ve highlighted our favourite pieces for Nuage that will not only serve a purpose during the breastfeeding period for your baby, but will continue to live in your home long after.

A Good Nursing Chair (And Foot Stool)


The Cloud Rocker & Ottoman, $1980

Nursing mums need an ideal seat come feeding time. Extra support on the arms and back of the chair always help.

A Lamp For Night Lighting


The Pleated Floor Lamp, $710

Getting up for a night feed? Keep lighting low with a warm bulb in an uber stylish lamp.

A Place To Put Your Cuppa


The Otis Stool, $289

Mums need to stay hydrated, so a surface nearby to your nursing chair to rest your drink bottle or cup of tea is a must. 

A Good Spot Cleaner 


Wonderspot Encapsulating Spot Cleaner, $39.95

Expect the unexpected when nursing! For the longevity of your furniture and decor throughout the toddler years, invest in a spot cleaner to take the effort out of keeping things clean. 

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