How To Achieve The Perfect Minimalist Bedroom

Simple does it

Minimalism in our interiors is nothing new, but as time goes on and new trends emerge (hello, indoor plants) the way we think of minimalism has changed. No longer relegated to stark, all white rooms with no character, modern minimalism is all about creating personality with the subtlest of touches. And when it comes to our bedrooms, it’s no different.

If you’re looking for a minimalist bedroom, there are a few elements to consider. Sufficient storage spaces are key, because minimalism doesn’t go well with mess. Whether it’s a built in cupboard, underbed storage or a chest of drawers, having a large storage area can mean you can stash away any unsightly items, leaving only what you need to create the minimalist aesthetic.

Next, colour. Ensure the colour palette you’ve chosen is understated and subtle. This way, you can build to it with ease, creating character through objects or splashes of colour via accessories. Minimalism isn’t always about having white-on-white — and brighter colours can be made minimal when styled tastefully.

Finally, minimalism is all about minimizing clutter. Get rid of unnecessary mess, pare back pillows, choose a simple bedframe, eliminate random objects on bedside tables and make sure the remaining items serve purpose — even if that’s just looking beautiful.

To get you started, we’ve broken down some of the key design elements when thinking of a minimalist bedroom, so that you can master the style for your own home.

10. Natural textures

Whether it’s rattan or wood, having natural textures in your bedroom creates an instant feeling of minimalistic peace. Pair with whites and allow the softer natural tones to pop through as a subtle statement.

9. Sleek lighting

Opting for clean lined lighting will automatically draw attention to the height of the room — plus, delicate detailing will add to the minimal feel. 

8. Colourful minimalism

Yes it’s possible. Opt for one or two colours that will pop against a neutral background and you’ll be able to incorporate colour with ease.

7. Textures as colour

If actual, you know, colour, isn’t really your thing, opt instead for textures to create intrigue. Whether it’s a chunky knit or a milled carpet, a little bit of texture can go a long way to putting depth into a bedroom.

6. Clean-lined art

When choosing art for a minimalistic bedroom, opt for something understated and pretty. Line drawings, sketches or photographs are good options.

5. Clear surfaces

Get rid of mess! Number one rule of minimalism: clear it. Start with bedside tables, as they’re often a focal point in the room.

4. Freestanding mirrors

An easy way to add character to a bedroom, a freestanding mirror can allow the room to appear larger, and can act as a classic accessory without being overwhelming.

3. Black and white

Black and white can be the chicest of colour schemes, when done right. Mix with pops of peach, gold and cream for an inherently put-together look.

2. Indoor plants

The easiest way to accessorise a room without going OTT, indoor plants will bring personality to any space.

1. White on white

Because there really isn’t a better combination! White on white sheets, walls or painted floors are an instant update to make your bedroom more minimal.

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