Rumoured ‘Bachelor’ Winner Irena Srbinovska May Have Just Hinted That She Doesn’t Win Locky Gilbert’s Heart After All

Plot twist!

She’s been tipped to win this season of The Bachelor, but Irena Srbinovska has just sent a cryptic message to fans that she actually isn’t the winner of Locky Gilbert’s heart after all.

Last week, the 31-year-old liked an Instagram comment from a fan who implied that she was way out of Locky’s league. 

“You’re too good for him tho!!!” the fan wrote in reference to Locky.

The Bachelor Australia 2020
Via The Wash

While it’s not exactly proof, it’s pretty damning nonetheless and strongly suggests that the pair did not end up together.

Now, there are some other reasons that the Merlbournian nurse would have done this despite actually having ‘won’ the show. It’s possible that Irena does win but that the romance was short-lived outside of the show, like so many couples before them. 

But that theory wouldn’t align all that well with Locky’s most recent interview, in which he told Perth Now that he is “in love” with someone. However, it could be the case that he has since found love elsewhere. 

Locky has been a somewhat contentious choice for the Bachelor, with none of his ex-gilfriends having many kind words to say about the former Survivor star.

Particularly after some of his old racist social media posts came to the surface and we saw that he wasn’t the producers’ first choice for leading man (or second for that matter). 

Meanwhile, Irena has been a fan-favourite since the beginning and her win has been pegged through online betting stats that have her as the front-runner.

Whatever the results may be, let it not be another Honey Badger situation. 

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