‘The Bachelor’ Locky Gilbert’s Ex-Girlfriend Gives A Warning To Hopeful Contestants

Claiming he's using the series to boost his public profile

Australia’s latest Bachelor Locky Gilbert has come under fire by none other than his ex-girlfriend, Love Island star Jordan Cayless.

In an explosive interview with New Idea, Jordan, who dated Locky for three years, has made it clear that she doesn’t believe that he will be settling down anytime soon, especially with anyone he meets on the show.

I don’t believe it. Obviously you have genuine feelings and you’re in a bubble on the show, but no, I don’t think he will end up married with kids with this person on The Bachelor,” she said.

Locky, who has publicly stated that he has “fallen madly in love” with his winner, may also be more interested in using the show as a career move, according to his ex.

In a warning to the winner (whoever she may be), Jordan also claimed that Locky only wanted to be the next Bachelor to boost his public profile, “I saw the ad where he says, ‘I’m the type of guy to get down on one knee’ and I thought, Yeah, you will – for the publicity and the ratings!”


In a statement to the magazine, Locky alluded that he had cheated on Jordan, spurring her to end things, but that he has since learnt from the experience.

Unfortunately I made a mistake on a trip away that deeply hurt Jordan and our relationship…That was over a year ago and I’ve learnt a lot from it. The love I have for my chosen lady is something I’ve never felt before,” he stated. 

But Jordan has even revealed that Locky had made his desire to appear on the show clear to her from the beginning, telling her that it would “lift up” his business in Bali. 

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And while the opinions of a scorned ex may need to be taken with a grain of salt, it doesn’t paint a great picture of our Bachelor. Here’s hoping that this time works, or at the very least, it’s an entertaining watch. 

The Bachelor airs this Wednesday on August 12 at 7:30pm.

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