The Debaucherous New Swingers Drama You Need To Know About

Swingers? Suburbia? It’s a recipe for intrigue.
Image: The Couple Next Door

When the claustrophobia of surburbia creeps in and a non-monogamous couple next door challenge the very bedrock of your views on partnership and marriage, what ensues?

That is the subject matter so intricately, and devastatingly explored in new Binge series The Couple Next Door.

The six-part British thriller series is based on a Dutch program called New Neighbours, which premiered on Channel 4 and Starz in the UK on December 1.

Now available to watch in Australia on Binge, The Couple Next Door, offers a sexy, psychologically stimulating look into the lives of neighbourhood swingers, and stars Outlander’s Sam Heughan, Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson, Harry Potter’s Alfred Enoch, Outnumbered’s Hugh Dennis and Australian actress Jessica De Gouw.

What Is The Plot Of ‘The Couple Next Door’?

Image: The Couple Next Door

Religious school teacher Evie (Eleanor Tomlinson) and her journalist husband Pete (Alfred Enoch) move to a quiet suburb in the UK. They soon meet new neighbours, yoga instructor Becka (Jessica De Gouw) and policeman Danny (Sam Heughan), non-monogamous couple who are not playing by society’s rulebook.

Despite their differences, Evie’s ‘good girl’ persona soon discovers a whole new realm of pleasure and sexual awakening, and despite his reticence, Pete finds himself thrust into her debaucherous new lifestyle.

In this story arch, there are consequences for shifting outside the no-grey-areas, taboo-laden judgement guidelines of deep suburbia. The series offers a building flirtation before the characters ultimately find themselves intimately entangled with those they’re not actually married to, in a slow burn, big consequences crescendo.

Throw in a stalker, a corrupt local councilor, a gun and a surprise pregnancy, and you’re in for quite a ride.

How Many Seasons And Episodes Is ‘The Couple Next Door’?

‘The Couple Next Door’ is a six-episode series that is now available to stream on Binge and Foxtel.

We’re yet to see if there will be any more seasons, considering that the first ended on a cliff hanger. However, the Dutch version of the series New Neighbours went for four seasons of 10 episodes.

Image: The Couple Next Door

However, the Dutch version of the series New Neighbours went for four seasons of 10 episodes.

Who Is The Cast Of ‘The Couple Next Door’?

  • Danny: Sam Heughan
  • Evie: Eleanor Tomlinson
  • Becka: Jessica De Gouw
  • Pete: Alfred Enoch
  • Alan: Hugh Dennis
  • Jean: Kate Robbins

Where To Watch ‘The Couple Next Door’ In Australia?

While ‘The Couple Next Door’ was produced through Channel 4 in the UK and is available on Starz, in Australia it is being streamed through Binge and Foxtel.

Watch season one now on Binge with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.

Where To Watch The Trailer Of ‘The Couple Next Door’?

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The Couple Next Door Ending Explained?

Beware readers, you will find spoilers from here on in.

Showrunners couldn’t help but leave fans on a cliff hanger at the end of The Couple Next Door, with shots fired and tension reaching boiling point.

We see the once pious Evie finally decide to pursue Danny, the father of her baby, wanting to leave her own husband Pete. Evie holes up in a woodland cottage, spilling lies to Danny that she’s being kept against her will after her father found out she was pregnant with someone else’s baby.

Image: The Couple Next Door

She uses the opportunity to lure him in and profess her love for him, but he is dedicated to Becka. Finding out about Evie’s betrayal, Pete turns up at the location with Danny’s gun. Just as Pete goes to threaten Danny with the firearm, the corrupt councillor shows up with his own gun in tow. It’s a standoff, ended only when Evie’s father arrives and shoots the criminal.

What ensues is a fight-to-the-death between Danny and Pete for possession of the remaining firearm. Evie runs from the scene, so the rest of the cast pursue. When they catch up with her, Pete reiterates his love for her, but Evie is having none of it. Again tousling over the gun, Pete lets off a shot that gets Danny in the leg. Evie tells Pete she doesn’t feel anything for him anymore, and before you know it, there is a bullet put through Pete’s stomach by an unknown source. So…who shot Pete?

Somehow, after the chaos of the shot goes down, it is Evie holding the gun, however it’s unclear if she was the one who shot him or merely took the gun off him after he shot himself. Regardless, it seems that Pete is still alive to tell the tale. Does it spell a second season? We will have to wait and watch this space.

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