How Historically Accurate Is Season Six Of ‘The Crown’?

The first four episodes have been released.
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The sixth and final season of *The Crown* is finally here.

The series, which is a fictionalised portrayal of the life and rule of Queen Elizabeth II, has entered the 1990s and the final weeks of Princess Diana’s life.

In comparison to the events of *The Crown’s* earlier seasons, this era of the show is being highly scrutinized—and for good reason: this is an era most people watching actually remember, and have their own (usually strong) feelings about.

For that reason, it’s no surprise that some of the show’s plot points are being hotly debated and in some cases, the accuracy of the portrayal even questioned.

While the show has always maintained that it’s not a documentary and does offer a fictionalised portrayal of the events, its hard not to wonder about what really happened.

Below, we debunk some of the biggest ‘did that really happen’ moments from season six of *The Crown*.

Did Dodi Propose To Diana?

One of the most surprising moments of season six is when Dodi proposes to Princess Diana.

While Diana doesn’t accept the proposal in the show, its been widely debated to whether the proposal even actually happened.

What we do know is that Dodi actually *was* in possession of a ring. While this doesn’t mean he proposed with it, we’re guessing he might have been planning to.

Dodi proposing to Diana
Did Dodi really propose to Diana? (Credit: Netflix)

Did King Charles Really Go To Paris To Collect Diana’s Body?

Another moment that surprised watchers of *The Crown* was when the then-Prince Charles went to Paris to collect his ex-wife, Diana’s body.

Viewers will be pleased to know that this really did happen, with plenty of documentation to confirm that the now King Charles was the one to travel to Paris to identify and bring Princess Diana’s body back to the UK. 

Rumour has it that King Charles even had to fight with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to do so. 

Prince Charles season six The Crown
Dominic West as King Charles in ‘The Crown’ (Credit: Netflix )

Did Mohamed Al-Fayed Arrange The Yacht Kiss Photos? 

The second episode of The Crown explores the famous photos of Dodi and Diana kissing on a yacht, and suggests it was Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed who arranged to have them taken. 

However, the photographer of the images, Mario Brenna, has said that this depiction of the events is inaccurate, even describing the idea of al-Fayed hiring him as “absurd and completely invented,” and calling the moment “a great stroke of luck.” 

Dodi and Diana
Were the photos arranged? (Credit: Netflix)

Did Queen Elizabeth II Really Skip Camilla’s 50th Birthday Party?

Unfortunately we might never know the real answer to this one, with the exact guest list kept a secret to this day. 

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