California Here We Come! Rumour Has It, ‘The O.C.’ Could Be Getting A Reboot

Right back where we started from...

Looks like we’re going right back where we started from, thanks to the very welcome news that iconic series The O.C. could be getting its very own reboot. 

The teen drama, created by Josh Schwartz, originally aired from 2003 to 2007, and ran for a total of four seasons. It followed Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie), a troubled teen from a broken home who is adopted by Sandy and Kirsten Cohen, where he’s forced to adjust to his new life in Orange County alongside foster brother Seth (Adam Brody). Of course, the series also included their stunning next-door neighbour Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton) and best friend Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson). 

Below, everything we know so far about the potential The O.C. reboot. 

What Has Been Said About The O.C. Reboot?

Rumours of a reboot began with Instagram account @deuxmoi, who received blind items suggesting a revival of the early aughts series was already in the works. The infamous account shared an email from a nameless source who said the four seasons of The O.C. were being removed by Hulu to head to HBO Max, since the streaming service—who is behind the Gossip Girl reboot—have plans to revive the series.

Unlike the Gossip Girl revival, the anonymous source said HBO want some of the original cast to return.

“The idea of a reboot was off the table for most of the past decade mainly bc Ben McKenzie (Ryan) & Willa Holland (Marissa’s little sister Kaitlin) had series-regular roles in shows filming far out of town (NYC/Vancouver), and Josh Schwartz (creator/showrunner) didn’t think it could ‘work’ w/o Ryan in particular (esp. since the show never really recovered after Marissa was killed off,” the source wrote.

What Will The Plot Of The O.C. Reboot Be? 

If the source is to be believed, The O.C.’s reboot already has a potential plot in the works. 

“There’s also already a rough sketch circulating of where the show would pick up; Seth & Summer, more or less happily married in Newport and living in their old ‘hood (actually filmed in Malibu but nvm lol), with their kid(s)—could be one or two—starting out as freshmen at Harbor,” the source wrote.

“Obviously lots of plot possibilities from there: the original show didn’t shy away from serious issues, and this would be a great way to delve into broader issues of classism (obv a core aspect w/Ryan starting out) and racism (in hindsight the show’s kinda blindingly white, so likely a given that the ‘new kids would include quite a few more POC). Also helpful in this case that Adam & Rachel were older than their characters, and could believably play 40ish parents with a 15-year-oold(ish) kid.”

What Has The Original Cast Said? 

Rachel Bilson, who played Summer Roberts on The O.C., revealed in August 2019 that she’s would be onboard for the iconic early aughts show to get a reboot, telling InStyle U.S. that she would “absolutely be open to it.”

The O.C. gave me everything. I love it and I’m still super close to [showrunners] Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, so I’d follow them wherever they go. If they backed it, I’d 100 per cent be up for it,” the actress said. 

Rachel’s promising comments came after she made headlines for running into her former co-star and real-life ex-boyfriend, Adam Brody, at the airport in New York. The actress posted their encounter to Instagram with the caption, “Ran into my ol buddy from jfk to lax #californiaherewecome🤓”

Although, while Bilson may seem keen, Adam Brody, aka Seth Cohen, and Ben McKenzie (Ryan Atwood), aren’t too excited by the idea of reprising their iconic roles. 

“I would imagine at some point they will use the property to do in some way, and I’m all for [it]. I don’t mind these reboots or even remakes,” the actor said. “All that said, I’m not gonna be [involved]. I don’t have any interest in revisiting my high school character. And frankly speaking for Ben McKenzie, I know he doesn’t either.”

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