Virgo Season Is Upon Us, So Prepare To Get Your Life Together

Taking notes from the perfectionist of the zodiac group.

Virgo season is upon us, which means it’s time to tune up your analytical skills, hone in on the finer details, embrace routine and get grounded. Doesn’t that sound fun?

In a welcome respite from the Leo-esque intensity that comes before it, Virgo season offers up a period of welcome clarity, introspection, and improvement.

For more on how Virgo season will affect your sign, plus tips on how to make the best of this month, keep reading.

One of our favourite Virgos. (Credit: Image: Getty)

When Is Virgo Season?

Date: August 23 – September 22

Element: Earth

Symbol: The Maiden

Planets: Mercury

What Are The Personality Traits Of Virgo?

Virgos are the most detail-oriented of the signs, with traits of perfectionism, meticulousness and industriousness at their core. While these might not sound like the most fun stereotypes, it does mean that Virgos have a knack for sticking to a plan, making things happen, and not stopping until they are 100% satisfied with the results. 

In addition to their work ethic, Virgos are also a reliable sign – the mum of the zodiac group, if you will. They are sure to lend an ear to any problem, and you can bet they won’t rest until they’ve found a resolution. 

Queen Bey is, of course, a Virgo. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Which Signs Are Most Compatible With Virgo?

Virgos are drawn to the hardworking approach of Capricorns, making these two signs a great match. They share a similar systematic outlook to life and a preference for control over chaos.

Similarly compatible with Virgos are Pisces, thanks to their deeply sensitive and kind nature. Intensely empathetic, Pisces are a great comfort to Virgo’s highly-critical nature and tendency to over analyse and worry. 

Which Signs Are Least Compatible With Virgo?

Virgos should steer clear of air signs, includign Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The unpredictability of these signs make them a poor math for Virgos preferance for control and organisation. 

Cameron Diaz’s late August birthday makes her a Virgo. (Credit: Image: Getty)

What Does Virgo Season Mean For The Other Signs?

It might not sound as fun as the bold dramatics of Leo season, but Virgo season is a great time to unleash your organisational skills and get to work on those niggly tasks you’ve been ignoring. 

Make this the season of self-improvement by setting out some time to clean out your wardrobe, take a deep dive into your calendar, and carve out a few hours to clear out our inbox. As a Virgo would say, focus on the finer details and watch the bigger picture fall into place.

It’s also a great time to tend to your personal needs, by prioritising healthy habits like feel-good exercise and nourishing foods. 

In other words, this is the time to channel the energy of arguably one of the most famous Virgos, Beyoncé, to kick some goals and feel amazing for it. 

Which Celebrities Are Virgo?

Keke Palmer. (Credit: Image: Getty)
P!nk. (Credit: Image: Getty)
Beyoncé. (Credit: Image: Getty)
Blake Lively. (Credit: Image: Getty)
Cameron Diaz. (Credit: Image: Getty)
Zendaya. (Credit: Image: Getty)
Salma Hayek. (Credit: Image: Getty)
Melissa McCarthy. (Credit: Image: Getty)

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