The Best At-Home Workout Programs To Keep You Motivated In Mind And Body

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With a fair chunk of your time spent at work, you might be wondering how to keep your body moving and motivated. Luckily, working out at home has never been simpler or more effective.

From Instagram to apps, there are a plethora of at-home workout programs just vying to get you up and moving, which could be a much more convenient option than going to the gym.

But, deciding on the best home workouts that are right for you is a personal choice, so to help ease the decision we’ve rounded up some of the most popular on the market. 

Below, a breakdown of some great at-home workout apps to try. 



Kayla Itsines, a personal trainer from Adelaide, founded Bikini Body Guides (BBG) in 2016 with partner Tobi Pearce. The premise was based on 28-minute workouts that would help increase strength and fitness for women around the world, all from the comfort of home.

Itsines’ program has grown through her Sweat app, which now offers extensions of the BBG workouts, including BBG Stronger, BBG Beginner and BBG Zero, as well as yoga and maternity programs. The app’s most appealing feature though is its extensive global community of women that help motivate each other along the way. Not to mention, marie claire readers get 10 per cent off, plus a 14-day free trial (normally 7 days), when you sign up here.

Learn more and get access here.

slow athletic

Flow Athletic 

Brought to you by Sydney’s premium fitness and yoga studio, Flow Athletic.TV is guaranteed to get you up and moving in a meaningful way. Featuring everything from HIIT, strength, yoga, running and spin – there’s no shortage of activities available for you on demand.

If you’re looking for ongoing motivation, they offer a few different series including a 21-day meditation and 30 workouts over 30 days. It’s the perfect way to keep yourself inspired and accountable (and you’ll undoubtedly feel better for it). 

Learn more and get access here.

keep it cleaner


Founded by friends Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, Kic is not simply a workout program but rather a program that helps women live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The app offers up daily workouts (which Steph and Laura do alongside you), healthy meal plans and recipes, a motivating community and wellness features, including meditation and yoga flows.

Learn more and get access here.

bodies by rachel

Bodies By Rachel

Fitness star Rachel Dillon and her team of experts developed Bodies By Rachel (BBR), to give members access to in-depth, easy to follow workouts with no gym or gym equipment necessary. The app also offers recipe tips to help keep you fit and healthy and has a large community of women from across the globe inspiring one another. 

Learn more and get access here.

emily sky fit

Emily Sky FIT

With the Emily Sky FIT app expect daily workouts with gym and home options (think: weight training to sculpt muscles and HIIT to get your heart rate up). There are also delicious meal plans and a hub to keep your heart and mind strong – with access to an exclusive FB community for 24/7 support and articles by FIT’s clinical psychologists.

Learn more and get access here.


Peaches Pilates 

PEACHES started as a collection of boutique fitness studios offering a range of classes designed for TBT – Total Body Toning. Classes include Pilates, Boxing, Barre, Weights, Cardio, HIIT, Yoga and Yin classes. The community welcomes those of all fitness levels, and is known for specialising in pregnancy and post-natal care.

Learn more and get access here.

yoga with adriene

Yoga With Adriene

Dubbed “The People’s Yogi” by The Guardian, Adriene Mishler of Yoga with Adriene is a worldwide phenomenon, and with good reason. Her mantra is “Find what feels good”, and it’s an intention she repeats frequently in her easy-to-follow videos. 

Not one to push intimidating pretzel poses, her channel is for everyone from beginner to advanced yogis alike and offers a flow for every mood and need you could possibly think of, from targeting lower back pain, to lowering anxiety and boosting productivity.

She also offers videos on how to do specific yoga poses and a number of 30-challenges and a special, more fiery series for those looking to lose weight.

Check out the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel here.

the tracy anderson method

The Tracy Anderson Method

Counting the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham amongst its fans, A-list trainer Tracey Anderson’s eponymous method has a cult following and for good reason.

Dance-based, high intensity and seriously sweat-inducing, Anderson’s online workout programs span across beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, offering sessions between 30 minutes (for an all-level dance-cardio workout) to and hour-and-a-half (for an advanced strength workout).

Learn more and get access here.

barre body online

Barre Body Online

Created by Barre Body founder, Emma Seibold, Barre Body Online gives its subscribers access to hundreds of barre, yoga, Pilates and stretch workouts in one place.

New classes and programs are added every month, and the workouts recommended with your individual goals in mind. And to ensure you get expert guidance just like you would in a class, their online coaching team is always on hand to provide personalised support and answer questions.

Learn more and get access here.

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