‘House Of Hammer’ Looks At The Downfall Of Armie Hammer And His Dark Family History

A chilling story of dysfunction and wickedness.
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“2021 is going to kneel down before me and kiss my feet because this year I’m the boss,” Armie Hammer tweeted in January last year.

To say it didn’t age well would be an understatement.

Merely a few weeks after that tweet, a slew of sexual assault allegations by multiple women had been made against Armie. As were claims about his alleged cannibalistic desires.

The actor’s very public fall from grace sent the world into a frenzy, even more so when a three-part documentary, House of Hammer, confirmed it would cover the horrific allegations.

From interviewing his ex-girlfriends to investigating his family tree, the series unpacks all there is to know about Armie and his famous family.

Ahead of the documentary’s premiere in Australia this weekend, we’ve gathered everything you need to know before tuning in yourself.

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What happened to Armie Hammer?

In early 2021, Armie was faced with serious sexual assault allegations by multiple women, each detailing horrific claims of rape, abuse and cannibalism fantasies.

The first woman to come forward alleged she’d been attacked and raped by Armie in 2017, and shared what she claimed were text messages sent by him that revealed his sinister behaviour.

One text read: “Would you come and be my property till you die? If I wanted to cut off one of your toes and keep it with me in my pocket so I always had a piece of you in my possession?”

The allegations brought against the critically acclaimed actor shocked Hollywood insiders and fans across the globe, tearing down his meteoric rise to fame.

Despite everything, Armie maintains his innocence to this day, labelling the claims as “bulls–t” in a statement to Variety.

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What can we expect from House of Hammer?

As per the synopsis, House of Hammer will chronicle the deeply troubling accusations, featuring “exclusive revelations from Armie’s aunt, Casey Hammer, and multiple survivors of Armie’s alleged abuse.”

It also takes viewers inside “the Hammer family’s dark power plays” with “exclusive access and shocking revelations”.

“The three-part series brings to light the dark secrets – ranging from accusations of violence and abuse to political manipulation and financial fraud – hidden within one of America’s most prominent families.”

Each episode will shine a light on a “depraved pattern of abuse” that extends far beyond the alleged accusations brought against Armie.

“Coupled with a trove of incredible archival footage, House of Hammer weaves together a chilling story of the dysfunction and wickedness that grow behind decades of power and money.”

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Where can we watch House of Hammer in Australia?

House of Hammer premieres on Saturday 8th October at 9.30pm AEDT on Foxtel, with all three episodes back-to-back.

Stream it now on Foxtel, live and on-demand with a 10-day free trial. Start your free trial here.


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