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Who will be the ‘diamond’ of season four?
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Bridgerton fever has officially struck, with the third season setting our hearts on fire with the central romance of Colin and Penelope. While we dare say this is Penelope’s season (Nicola Coughlan — we love you), Colin is the third member of the Bridgerton family to be at the centre of the series that bears his name.

However, this wasn’t always intended to be the case.

Originally, it was Benedict who was owed the third story, based on the original novels by Julia Quinn. Instead, it has jumped ahead to the fourth book, and now Francesca is a subplot and, well, our heads hurt.

If swapping the storylines is making you confused by the birth order of the the Ton‘s most illustrious family, you’re not alone.

Allow us to give you a complete breakdown of the Bridgerton siblings – including how old they are.

All Of The Bridgerton Brothers and Sisters, In Order

While there are existing novels which provide the source material for the Bridgerton series, the Netflix show has taken some creative licence with the characters. 

Details below are all based on the television series, as of season three. Some spoilers ahead. 

Anthony Bridgerton

Age: 31*

Actor: Jonathan Bailey, 36

anthony bridgerton played by jonathan bailey

Stubborn and headstrong Viscount Anthony Bridgerton is the eldest child and first-in-line to the Bridgerton estate, therefore inheriting the title of Viscount. He is the subject of the second novel (The Viscount Who Loved Me) and the second season of the hit Netflix series.

He is married to Kathani (Kate) Sharma (in the books, Kate Sheffield).

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*All ages are estimated as of season three. 

Benedict Bridgerton

Age: 29

Actor: Luke Thompson, 35

benedict bridgerton played by luke thompson

Benedict Bridgerton is the second eldest — or as Prince Harry might call him, ‘the spare’.

As the second in line, he is to take care of affairs when Anthony is unable. Like, for example, when he is on his honeymoon. 

Freed from his elder brother’s sense of duty and responsibility, Benedict is the libertine of the family, dabbling in bohemian lifestyles and ideologies. He’s more playful than his brother — and less inclined to settle down. 

Benedict is the subject of the third book, however, the Netflix series has skipped his season to prioritise Colin and Penelope.

Colin Bridgerton 

Age: 25. (Colin’s age is a little confusing for fans of the books. He starts the Netflix at the age of 22, and should be 25 by his own season. However, in the books he is 33 by the time he takes the lead.)

Actor: Luke Newton, 31

colin bridgerton played by luke newton

Colin is the sensitive soul of the Bridgerton clan, guided by his bleeding heart and sense of moral obligation to help those in need. 

As we know, he is romantically linked to Penelope Featherington. 

Daphne Bridgerton

Age: 21 in season 1

Actress: Phoebe Dynevor, 29

daphne bridgerton played by phoebe dynevor

Daphne is the ‘diamond’ (and star) of season one. She is keen to find a love match, but also one of high rank, as she — and everyone around her — expects. She almost nabs a prince, but instead finds true love with the hard-to-get Simon Bassett (Rege Jean Page), the Duke of Hastings. 

In season two, it is revealed they have a son called Augie. 

Eloise Bridgerton

Age: 20 

Actress: Claudia Jessie, 34

eloise bridgerton played by claudia jessie

Eloise is the fifth Bridgerton. Somewhat like her brother Benedict, she’s keen to shrug convention and walk to the beat of her own drum.

She enters the marriage mart in season two. After an ill-fated romance with a working class boy who works at Lady Whistledown’s printer, we’re yet to see who she finds love with in the series. 

Francesca Bridgerton

Age: 18

Actress: Hannah Dodd, 29

francesca bridgerton played by hannah dodd

Francesca is the sixth Bridgerton child, and considers herself a black sheep in the attention-grabbing Bridgerton family. 

Francesca is introverted and desires the company of her piano above all else.

She is graceful and sweet, and while she initially wants the best-possible match from a kind and gentle man, she develops feelings for a Mr Kilmartin in the Netflix series.

Gregory Bridgerton

Age: 14

Actor: Will Tilston, 17

gregory bridgerton

Gregory is the youngest Bridgerton boy and second-youngest in the family. We don’t know much about Gregory, but his eldest brother, Anthony, is like a father to him. He is also very close with his little sister, Hyacinth, being so close in age. 

Hyacinth Bridgerton

Age: 12

Actress: Florence Hunt, 17

hyacinth bridgerton

The youngest of all the Bridgerton siblings, Hyacinth is more outgoing than Francesca and keen to be amongst the action. 

The Bridgerton Parents

Viscountess Violet Bridgerton is mother and matriarch of the family. She is dedicated to the romantic fulfillment of each of her children, and longs for them each to have a love match as she did with her husband, Edmund. 

Viscount Edmund Bridgerton is father to all eight Bridgerton children, but passed away after suffering an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting. He died before the birth of his youngest daughter, Hyacinth.

Part One of Bridgerton Season 3 is now on Netflix.

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