Where You Can Find The Real-Life Mansions From ‘Bridgerton’

Location, location, location.

The third season of Bridgerton is on our doorstep — and we’re already dreaming of a walk among the wisteria with our eligible dukes and duchesses.

Netflix’s steamy period drama already has enough decadent costuming and swoon-worthy heartthrobs to keep us hooked, but there’s a very important element of every Regency-era production that we’re interested in exploring. Literally.

The opulent filming locations of period dramas are the cornerstone to making each TV series and film as fantastical as they are—besides, without them, they’d be rather boring.

And while each château varies visually, fans have noticed several similarities between Bridgerton‘s filming locations and, well, that of most other period dramas.

Below, we’ve rounded up the castles palaces and estates where Netflix’s hit show — and well as the spin-off series, Queen Charlotte — was filmed and where you may have seen them before.

All The Bridgerton Filming Locations, In Real Life

Bridgerton House: A London Home

bridgerton filming location
(Credit: @englishheritage)

Otherwise known as ‘Ranger’s House’, the home of the Bridgertons is a rather massive Georgian mansion that can be visited the next time you’re in London. Made from red brick, the home is covered in wisteria and was first built for the British Admiralty in 1723. 

inside the bridgerton house on set
(Credit: Netflix)

While the exterior of the property is jaw-droppingly beautiful, the inside of the Bridgerton family home was actually filmed at Halton House in Buckinghamshire, and yes, it is home to that exquisite staircase. 

Lady Danbury’s Ball: Syon Park Conservatory

Syon Park Conservatory a filming location for scenes in bridgerton

Kicking off the dating season with a glamorous ball, Bridgerton‘s second season saw all of our favourites show face at a dance hosted by Lady Danbury. But where was it located? Well, the event was filmed at the domed conservatory at Syon Park in London. Who knows, a visit might see you encounter your own back-and-forth with a Viscount of your own. 

The Palace Grounds: Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is queen

As fans know, Queen Charlotte loves to frolic around the gardens of the palace, which are filmed at Hampton Court Palace, particularly around the Fountain Court. The grounds, with its plentiful luscious and bountiful foliage—plus the apparent zebras—were enough to charm many Bridgerton character, incuding the Sharma sisters. Next time you’re in London, be sure to head to the Borough of Richmond upon Thames to find it.

The Horse Riding Scenes: Windsor Great Park

bridgerton filming location where kate and anthony go horse riding

While all eyes are typically on the interiors that filter through the Regency-era drama, not as much is said about its sprawling and stunning grounds. In season two, fans were lucky enough to enjoy the vast plains with various horse chases between Viscount Anthony and Kate Sharma, as well as many games of pall-mall in the gardens and even a moonlight rendezvous between the two lovers. If you’re keen for a stroll through the same greenery, then head to Windsor Great Park located near Windsor Castle, which was used as a filming substitute for Battersea Fields and Rotten Row.

The Duke Of Hasting’s Home: Clyvedon Estate

the clyvedon estate is the bridgerton filming location of duke simon bassets home
(Credit: @castle_howard)

Fans of the show may recall Clyvedon Estate as the compound where Simon Basset and Daphne Bridgerton spent their love-riddled honeymoon. But for the rest of us, this estate is actually Castle Howard, located in York.

Filled with luscious lawns and Baroque features, the $375 million property has 140 rooms and is home to that ‘Great Temple’ that the couple were so fond of. Taking 100 years to build, it even features its own railway station.

Bridgerton filming locations for lady danbury's house
(Credit: @castle_howard)

Lady Danbury’s Estate: Holburne Museum

Bridgerton Homes

On screen, Lady Danbury’s Estate was one of the most memorable moments from episode one. Its stunning archways in the houses’ entrance being the perfect addition to our introduction to the Duke of Hastings.

In real life, Lady Danbury’s Estate is actually the Holburne Museum in Bath. Valued at approximately $78.2 million, we have this establishment to thank for Simon and Daphne’s meeting.

Featherington House: A Property In Bath

Bridgerton Homes
(Credit: @no1royalcrescent)

While multiple homes were used for the interior shots, the exterior of the Featherington’s home is No.1 Royal Crescent in Bath.

While a myriad of home were used for the interior shots, the outside of the Featherington’s home is actually No.1 Royal Crescent, located in Bath. Built in the 17th century, the home’s row of terraced houses is represented as being in Grosvenor Square, London in the show.

The Royal Palace: Wilton House

the bridgerton royal palace filming location is real life wilton house
(Credit: @wiltonhousepmh)

When it comes to filming English period dramas, there’s one estate that filmmakers simply can’t resist: Wilton House

While its recognisable interiors can be found throughout both The Crown, Pride & Prejudice and Emma, the estate was used as Queen Charlotte‘s abode and in real life, has a value of approximately $196.8 million.

(Credit: @wiltonhousepmh)

Once used as a nunnery, the 14,000 acre property features in many of Hastings estate’s interior scenes where tensions rose between Daphne and Simon.

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