Will Julie Andrews Be In The Next Season Of ‘Bridgerton’?

A 'Bridgerton' producer has spoken.
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Dame Julie Andrews may have never appeared on Bridgerton’s screen but she plays one of the show’s most important roles.

As the voice of Lady Whistledown, Andrew’s distinctive voice has been ever-present in the show since the very first episode.

Despite this, the end of season three seems to hint at Andrew’s departure from the beloved program.

Below, we explain why fans think Andrews might not be joining the fourth season.

Lady Whistledown.
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What Happens At The End Of Bridgerton Season Three?

At the end of Bridgerton season three, Penelope reveals her identity as Lady Whistledown to Colin Bridgerton.

While Colin urges Penelope to stop writing the papers, he eventually comes around to her being the writer.

“You have always had one voice,” Colin says. “There is no separating you from Whistledown. I think in truth…I have been envious of you. Of your success. Of your bravery. And now I simply cannot believe that a woman with such bravery loves me. How lucky I am to stand by your side and soak up even a little bit of your light. If my only purpose in life is to love a woman as great as you…then I will be a very fulfilled man, indeed.”

In the final episode, Penelope pens her final paper as Lady Whistledown.

As the narrator, we hear Julie Andrews say:

“It is time now to look toward the future, whatever it may bring. This author knows better than to make any predictions about what the future may hold. But with every closing chapter, the story is sure to grow richer and deeper. It has been quite a journey we have taken together, and so it is with the heaviest heart, that I write this final, unbelievably short sentence as Lady Whistledown. Goodbye.

 “And with the retirement of my literary persona, I would like to formally introduce myself: Previous wallflower, current columnist, observer, welder of quill, nobody unique, and yet I have my moments.”

At this point, Julie Andrew’s voice is replaced with Nicola Coughlan’s, who says, “You will stay on to enjoy them with me as we begin this next part of our journey. Yours truly, Penelope Bridgerton.”

Will Julie Andrews Be In Season Four Of Bridgerton?

Julie Andrews.
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While most fans believed this episode seemed to indicate the passing of the torch from Andrews to Coughlan, it turns out that might not be the case.

In an interview with Glamour, Bridgerton executive producer Jess Brownell told the publication that they want to Andrews in the series.

“Julie Andrews is just such a part of the feeling of the show. So, we’re playing around in season four with ways that we can explain why it’s still Julie Andrews. I think it’s just—it’s in Penelope’s head the way she officially reads it to herself as she writes.”

Then when asked that means Andrews will be back, Jess said “That’s my hope, to keep Julie Andrews forever because she’s freaking Julie Andrews.”

That’s all we needed to hear.

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