American Idol Regrets Hiring Katy Perry After Seeing Her Fail Hosting The VMAs

Producers are panicking

If you watched the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, then you’ll probably remember how cringe-worthy Katy Perry’s hosting was…

It got so bad that viewers were really offended by everything she was saying… especially those pee bag, and fake baby comments.


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Now, American Idol producers are apparently panicking that they’re paying $25 million for Katy to be a judge on the show.

“They are paying her $25 million and she was a total dud [on the VMAs].”

“No one ever auditioned her for the new Idol job and they are freaking out that they hired someone who is terrible on live television.”


Katy has recently revamped her look and attitude, which has seriously rubbed some people up the wrong way… so maybe she will have to tone it down a ‘lil for the show.

Producers don’t want her to grab the attention away from the contestants.

This article originally appeared on Girlfriend.

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