Adele Says The World’s Objectification Of Her Weight Loss Left Her Feeling Extremely “Disappointed”

"I did it for myself and not anyone else [...] It’s my body.”

With the impending release (and endless excitement) over Adele’s upcoming album, it only makes sense that the talented musician begin to make the rounds in the press.

And first up, Adele is the latest cover star for British Vogue, to chat—for the first time in five years—about her fourth studio album and its inspiration: her divorce from Simon Konecki, how the world reacted to her physical transformation, life on the dating scene and raising her son, Angelo.

Speaking about one of the songs off her upcoming album, Adele described the track as a withering anthem of “the failings of men”.

“I wanted to put it on the album to show Angelo what I expect him to treat his partner like, whether it be a woman or a man or whatever,” she explained. “After going through a divorce, my requirements are sky-high. There’s a very big pair of shoes to fill.”

Not long after, however, Adele began to address some of the most recent undertakings in her life, one being her weight loss and the world’s reaction toward the transformation.

“I think one of the reasons people lost the plot was because actually, it was over a two-year period,” she suggested, adding that fans may have been confused by her “100-pound” weight loss because the progress wasn’t documented on Instagram, which is a concept people are far too used to.

“People are shocked because I didn’t share my ‘journey,’” the 33-year-old said. “They’re used to people documenting everything on Instagram, and most people in my position would get a big deal with a diet brand. I couldn’t give a flying f–k. I did it for myself and not anyone else. So why would I ever share it? I don’t find it fascinating. It’s my body.”

Additionally, Adele stressed that losing any weight at all was never a focus for her, admitting that she began to work out religiously “because of my anxiety”, and that after “working out, I would just feel better.”

“It was never about losing weight; it was always about becoming strong and giving myself as much time every day without my phone. I got quite addicted to it. I work out two or three times a day.” 

“I needed to get addicted to something to get my mind right,” Adele said, explaining her vigorous work out routine in detail.

Starting the day with weights in the morning light, she goes on a hike or commits to a boxing session in the afternoon and by night, she’s doing cardio.

“I was basically unemployed when I was doing it. And I do it with trainers,” she explained, adding that “it’s not doable for a lot of people.”

And when it came to her diet, Adele assured the masses that she doesn’t partake in any harmful diets, despite what some have read online.

“Ain’t done that,” she said. “No intermittent fasting. Nothing. If anything I eat more than I used to because I work out so hard. And also, that whole thing of like, ‘Gets Revenge Body’… Oh my God. Suck my d–k!”

“The most brutal conversations were being had by other women about my body. I was very f–king disappointed with that. That hurt my feelings,”

But thankfully, Adele confirmed that she has chosen not to pay too much attention to the negative press and body shaming instigators.

“People have been talking about my body for 12 years. They used to talk about it before I lost weight. But yeah, whatever, I don’t care,” she said.

“You don’t need to be overweight to be body positive; you can be any shape or size.”

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