Archie Harrison Is Already Trying To Talk At Just 6 Months Old

King Archie
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie Harrison is already six months old and, according to new reports, the young boy, who adorably has ginger hair just like his dad, is showing more and more personality by the day.

“He’s a strong baby and you can tell he’s super smart, a source told Us Weekly, going on to say that he’s already attempting to talk. “He can sit up without support and roll over, and he’s almost crawling. He can’t talk yet, but he’s trying!”

Plus, Archie’s already a bit of a daddy’s boy: “When Harry walks into the room, Archie gets so excited, he puts his arms out—his way of saying, ‘Pick me up!’” they continued, going on to say that just like his dad, “You can tell Archie’s going to be a social butterfly. He’s at his happiest when he’s around people.”

Archie is “such a happy baby” that he “rarely cries,” the source added. “He takes a keen interest in his surroundings and is already engaging and interacting with people. He loves to be entertained. And he isn’t a needy baby—he’ll happily go to Harry and Meghan’s friends without kicking up a fuss.”

Of how Harry and Meghan are handling parenting, the insider said that when they were super tired at the beginning, they would bicker over small things (relatable), but now Archie is thankfully sleeping through the night. “There were times [in the beginning when] they’d bicker over the smallest things because they were so tired. Now, “there’s less strain on the marriage. They can finally enjoy some ‘couple time’ in the evening.”

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