Rachel’s Obsession With Richie Has Reached New Heights

"He's my Bachelor"

For anyone watching Bachelor In Paradise, it’s safe to say the drama has been, um, a little underwhelming. Apart from Richie and Alex’s unedited conversation — which, we must admit was pretty great television — the juicy drama has been few and far between. Two women kissing isn’t exactly groundbreaking, is it?

And while Alex and Brooke’s kiss did ruffle some feathers amongst the fellow contestants (male contestants, of course), it might just be Rachel’s obsession with Richie that keeps us watching.

After proclaiming that “there’s something there” to explore with “her” Bachelor, Richie, Rachel has been on the prowl to make sure she gets time with Richie. Last night, that manifested in a not so romantic date, complete with an awkward champagne pop and lots of awkward chat.

After cornering Richie — “she popped out of nowhere!” — Rachel led the former Bachelor to a secluded spot for dinner. “I captured Richie,” she explained, before Richie, baffled, tried to figure out what had happened.

“A candlelight dinner…. What is wrong with you? I’ve been hanging out with Cass for days!” Richie, very confused, told the camera. “I thought I put it all to bed. None of this makes sense.”

The dinner was as awkward as you’d expect, with lots of stage 5 clinger eyes from Rachel and lots of tense sips of beer from Richie. Cass was equally as confused, telling producers “Well, he’s my Bachelor now”.

Viewers had a LOT to say about it, wondering why on earth Rachel would think she had stake over Richie even though him and Cass were clearly an item — albeit moving slow.


Er, Rachel, you might want to give up on Richie now.

WATCH: Alex gives her ex Richie dating advice

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