Exes Richie Strahan And Alex Nation Go Head-To-Head In ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ First Look

The "brutal" circumstances behind their break-up revealed

Channel 10 has shared its first look at the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise and exes Richie Strahan and Alex Nation are set to go head-to-head over their “brutal” breakup.

“I was obviously in a relationship with Alex and, well, the circumstances of that breakup were quite brutal,” former Bachelor Richie says in the latest Bachelor in the teaser.

“I don’t know if Australia’s ready for the grubby details surrounding it,” he adds. 

In the new video, Alex adds to the tension by telling the cameras: “Richie and I do not talk anymore and I do not want to meet him in paradise. Oh my god, what have I done?”.

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“You can honestly sit there and say you were perfect in our relationship,” she asks him.

Richie fires back, “Don’t put words in my mouth.” 

Richie chose mum-of-one Alex as his winner back in 2016, but the pair left fans devastated when they split the following August. Shortly after their break-up, Alex started dating Maegan Luxa, whom she eventually became engaged to, but the pair parted ways in April last year.

Bachelor In Paradise has also confirmed Cat, Alisha, Brooke and Cass from the Honey Badger’s season. 

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