Blake Lively’s Adorable Unicorn Cakes Gets ‘The Great British Bake Off’s’ Seal Of Approval

What can't she do?

What can’t Blake Lively do? The A-lister regularly proves her acting abilities and has made a name as a fashion icon (with no stylist!), and now the star is looking to add master baker onto that abundant list of accomplishments. 

Taking to Instagram on Feb. 10, Lively showed off a glittering pink unicorn cake she’d baked for her sister Robyn’s birthday, and asked Paul Hollywood—host of The Great British Bake Off—for his seal of approval.

“If I don’t get a handshake from @paul.hollywood after decorating this one, I quit,” Lively said in her post, showcasing the incredible creation that was topped with an abundance of sugar flowers, a set of ears, and a golden horn. 

Soon after, the English chef reposted Lively’s video on Instagram with a handshake emoji, proving he approved of the design. 

“🤝 consider it done … see you in the tent x,” he wrote. 

Fans of the series will be aware that a handshake from Hollywood is the ultimate seal of approval on the amateur baking reality show.

Lively is obviously a keen baker, not only being a fan of the show but regularly showing off her baking prowess on social media. 

In October 2020, the Gossip Girl alum shared a birthday pie she’d whipped up for husband Ryan Reynolds‘ birthday, which the Deadpool actor had picked at and eaten a chunk of before the candles could be blown out.

In her usual fashion, Lively couldn’t help but poke a little fun at her hubby. 

“1) Who is the lost soul that selects birthday PIE. 2) What ANIMAL eats their cake (pie) without first blowing out the candles. @vancityreynolds that’s who. Happy Birthday. I honestly can’t believe we’re still married.” 

*Adds to list of reasons we Blake Lively. 

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