Brenda Song And Macaulay Culkin Are Engaged (And The Ring Is Truly Massive)

You need to take a look at this shiner.

The celebrity engagement announcements seem to be the tune of 2022. After welcoming their son, Dakota in April of last year, Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin are officially engaged. They pair have been together for four years, after meeting on the set of Changeland in Thailand, before being spotted grabbing dinner at an Italian restaurant in 2017. 

The news broke after a source told People that the two were engaged, with E! News later confirming the news after Song was photographed in Beverly Hills sporting a massive diamond engagement ring. You can see the photos here, with the ring appearing to be pear or tear-drop shaped, taking up most of her ring finger. 

The couple are notoriously private, but in August 2020, Song offered a rare glimpse into their relationship with a sweet Birthday tribute to Culkin. She took to Instagram, writing: 

“Happy 40th birthday to this magical being,” she wrote. “I could sit here and write endlessly about how wonderful, kind, loving, genuine, loyal, honest, brilliant and hilarious you are, and how grateful I am that I get to share and do this life thing with you. But firstly, that would take me an eternity and secondly, you won’t even see this because you don’t ever use instagram. Hahaha. My unicorn that I never thought could exist, I am luckiest person in the world because I am loved by you.”


Back in 2018, Culkin announced his desires to start a family with song while appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, saying that he was keen to “make some babies.”

He continued by expressing how happy he was with where his life was at, and his excitement for building a life with Song. 

“I have a pretty little family — a pretty girl, a pretty dog, a pretty cat and all that stuff. We’re gonna move,” he said at the time. “We’re doing the house thing and all that kind of stuff,” the Home Alone actor said. 

Song is equally as smitten with Culkin, gushing about him during an interview with Esquire back in 2020. 

“People don’t realize how incredibly kind and loyal and sweet and smart he is,” she said. “Truly what makes Mack so special is that he is so unapologetically Mack. He knows who he is, and he’s 100 percent okay with that. And that to me is an incredibly sexy quality. He’s worked really hard to be the person he is.”

This will be the Song’s first marriage, while it marks Culkin’s second, given that he was previously married to to Rachel Miner, from 1998 to 2002.

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