How Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Feels About ‘The Crown’s’ Portrayal Of Her Affair With Prince Charles

The Netflix drama depicts the history behind Charles and Camilla's decades-long relationship
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Camilla Parker Bowles may have only joined the royal family in 2005 following her wedding to Prince Charles, but she’s been a permanent fixture in the royal narrative, arguably, since her very first introduction to the heir apparent in 1970. 

The now-Duchess of Cornwall and Prince of Wales continued their relationship throughout Charles’ entire marriage to Princess Diana, and the latest season of Netflix’s historical drama The Crown delves into that very tumultuous time in royal history. 

According to royal sources, Camilla isn’t spending too much time worrying about her portrayal on the series though, of which she’s played by actress Emerald Fennell. 

“I imagine she’ll be tuning in with a glass of red wine to watch it, she has seen the previous series,” a friend of the duchess told Vanity Fair. “She has a wonderful sense of humour, and this won’t fuss her in the slightest.”

“She has watched it, of course she has, and I believe [Charles] has too,” the source continued. “I don’t think she has any real issue with it. Her feeling is very much ‘Never complain, never explain.’”

the crown
Actress Emerald Fennell as Duchess Camilla in ‘The Crown’ (Credit: Netflix)

However, while Camilla might not be fussed over the series’ latest storyline, the Mail on Sunday reports that friends of Charles’ and senior royals themselves have been shocked by the new episodes, which they regard as “exploitative” and “inaccurate.”

“It’s dragging up things that happened during very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago without a thought for anyone’s feelings,” a source told the publication. “That isn’t right or fair, particularly when so many of the things being depicted don’t represent the truth.”

Of those unhappy with the dramatic retelling is reportedly Prince William, who the Mail alleges is unhappy with his family narrative being exploited.

“He feels that both his parents are being exploited and being presented in a false, simplistic way to make money,” a source said. 

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