The Diet And Beauty Secrets That Charlize Theron Lives By

Charlize Theron's Diet, Skincare & Beauty Routine

When it comes to skincare and anti-ageing, some stars abide by the simplest and most dependable of beauty, diet and exercise hacks, and thankfully for us, Charlize Theron is one of them.

43-year-old South African-born actress Theron has perfectly maintained her youthful visage since the beginning of her career, and spoke to BAZAAR U.S. about the signature wellness tricks that have helped her become one of Hollywood’s most ageless celebrities.

Charlize Theron’s Diet And Fitness Tips

Theron says she’s “lucky I’ve never been a couch potato”, but that doesn’t mean she takes exercise any less seriously. She’s a self-confessed Pilates junkie, saying: “It’s totally changed my body.”

The mother-of-two said she reasons with herself when it comes to physical activity and cheat days, saying: “I’m always calculating my activity. If I haven’t been moving a lot, I can’t eat a lot. Or maybe it’s a cheat day. But I’m honest with myself.”


When it comes to dieting (on a non-cheat day, might we add), Theron said she favours plant-based raw foods. Stars like Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman and Gisele Bündchen have also been known to follow plant-based diets, so Theron is definitely in good company.

She’s also talked about the impacts of an alcohol-free diet, telling Red Magazine in 2017: “I have juices and kale and green salads every day. When I’m eating healthily, getting enough sleep and not drinking alcohol, that’s when I look my best. That’s when I’m happiest, and I think it shows.”

“When I leave to go exercise, my kids will say, ‘Where are you going?’ I tell them that I’m going someplace to make sure my heart works for a very, very long time!”

Charlize Theron’s Skincare Tips

In conversation with BAZAAR, Theron emphasised the importance of an intensive and consistent beauty routine, especially to combat the stresses of motherhood.

She said: “Now that my kids go to sleep at a certain time every night, I make a real point to take care of my face. It’s not something I did in my 20s and 30s.”

“We wake up really early in my house—5:45AM. I’m a single mum trying to get two kids ready, pack the lunchboxes, and not miss the bus. When I wake up I just rinse my face and put on sunscreen.”

On her go-to products, Theron said: “I use serum, eye cream, and a really good moisturiser.” Her preferred SPF? La Prairie Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30, and La Roche-Posay’s cult sunscreen for super-sunny days, as it “doesn’t leave a film or look white. And it works! I don’t get burned or any pigmentation.”


The Dior Beauty ambassador also makes sure to detox her pores with a facial “once every three weeks”, and favours LA’s Mila Moursi Advanced Skin Care clinic as “they have all the great machines there”.

Theron is well aware of the positive impacts natural ingredients have on your skin, and loves to visit Beverly Hot Springs Spa in LA. There, she enjoys a 100% natural spa that embraces the healing properties of hot springs from the earth.

Charlize Theron’s Beauty Tips

After she’s developed a great base with scrupulous skincare, Theron also abides by a handful of makeup tricks and has more than one go-to product.

A self-confessed “brow and lash girl”, the Atomic Blonde star is no stranger to the instant results of eyelash curling—favouring Shu Uemura’s cult product for an instant, extension-free lash lift, and Dior’s Diorshow Mascara for perfectly fluttery lashes.

“I didn’t even know about eyelash curlers until 15 years ago. Now I never leave the house without one. Just curling your lashes is like a face-lift!”

Theron’s platinum hair has always been enviable, and she credits castor oil as the simple secret to her voluminous strands. “Someone told me about [castor oil]. I put it on my brows once or twice a week. It’s definitely made my hair thicker.”

When discussing her beauty muses, Theron cited her mother, Gerda, as a source of eternal inspiration. She said: “I have vivid memories of her getting ready at her ’70s vanity with a round mirror. She ran a road-construction business, and she would have meeting with 20 men. Watching her do her makeup, I thought, ‘Wow, this is incredible.’ Her confidence left an impression on me.”

Theron also thinks women should be more open about their beauty routines, and disclose exactly what works for them. “Women need to share with each other more—we’d all be more beautiful!”

As told to Jessica Matlin. All quotes are from Harper’s BAZAAR U.S. unless stated otherwise.

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