Dilone On Embracing Individuality And Why Everybody Should Take A Break From Social Media

The Long Island native is one to watch

American model Dilone is one to watch – the bubbly, relatable and edgy 25-year-old is at the top of her game, and for good reason. She has walked some of the world’s most iconic runways and fronted some of the biggest campaigns a model can. The Long Island native began modelling in 2012 and landed the Marc Jacobs AW16 campaign. She went on to walk more than 40 Fashion Week shows that season alone and followed it up with a coveted spot in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Work has been rolling ever since – from international covers to beauty campaigns, and most recently, as the star of David Jones SS19 campaign. 

marie claire sat down with Dilone ahead of the David Jones Spring Collection Launch, chatting about everything from individual style to the VS show. 


You have a very distinct personal style – how do you adapt current trends to fit that style? What’s your advice to those trying to create a unique style?

Well, I actually love exploring. I feel like my style has evolved so much over the years, and especially being in the fashion industry now, my exploring is only getting better – so I’m more willing to try new things. I think for the most part I really like comfort and cool and laid back and an androgynous feel. That’s sort of very general when I say that because there is so much you can do with that.  

I think people need to create their own style. I would say explore and know our identities are created when we start creating them ourselves. I grew up in Long Island and saw the same kind of thing over and over again and then when I moved to the city and I branched out I got into the fashion industry and was like oh my gosh there’s so much more to fashion and you can try all these different things. It’s a form of expression so one day you might be feeling one way and the next another, and I would say have fun with that.

What are your fashion predictions for spring?  

The 70s!


Do you have any Australian designers that you love? 

I like Bassike clothes a lot because it’s very much up my alley. And I love Toni Matičevski if you want to go even more elegant and chic – I love the structure! I wore this gorgeous dress for the David Jones campaign and it was just absolutely gorgeous. 

You’ve recently taken a break from social media. What was the reason behind that decision?

The reason behind that was because I am doing so many things at the moment outside of modelling and it really needs my focus and my attention. I’m doing a forty-day yoga and meditation retreat, and I wanted to build back focus and get my mind right, and it helps a lot, I really enjoy it. I will say I’m very much out of the loop with things, I’ll be back soon.

Would you recommend a social media detox to others? 

I really would, yeah. I really would, because you start to be a little bit more present and not even a little bit, a lot more present. 

Obviously, the Victoria’s Secret Show was a major part of your career journey. How does the news of the show’s reported cancellation feel?

It’s not very surprising to me. 

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