Elsa Pataky Has Opened Up About The ‘Ups And Downs’ Of Her Marriage To Chris Hemsworth

"It’s funny that people think of us as a perfect couple, no way"

It’s been nearly 10 years since Australia’s A-list couple, Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth, tied the knot. Since then, the pair continue to speak openly and realistically about their relationship.

Speaking to Body + Soul magazine, Elsa Pataky opened up about what life with Hemsworth is really like.

“It’s funny that people think of us as a perfect couple,” she said. “No way. It’s been ups and downs, and we still keep working at the relationship. I think a relationship is constant work. It’s not easy. I always try to see the positives of things.”

Moving to Byron Bay in 2014, the actress and mother-of-three went on to speak up about how the couples “still feel like we have a normal life here. For now.”

Continuing, she began to describe how their life involves a lot of outdoor activities with their three children, India, Sasha, and Tristan.

“[Chris and I] love to do sports, eat healthy and move our bodies,” she revealed. “We’ve got the kids into surfing. Any hobbies to get them outside, and not on social media and computers. My daughter has been horse-riding with me since she was two-and-a-half.”

However, Pataky revealed that she had trouble both physically and emotionally following the birth of their daughter in 2012. “I had to slow down during my pregnancies and I couldn’t exercise as hard as I wanted,” she said, adding: “I remember feeling a bit lost when I had India. I thought my life was going to be the same [when I had kids] and I would keep working. But I couldn’t” she said.

“Chris would come home and say, ‘How was your day?’ And I didn’t feel proud to say: I’m just a mum. But you should. Because it’s the hardest but greatest job in the world.”

Steering clear of her acting career since 2018, Pataky credits the extra time at home with her children as to why she’s not taking as many roles as she once did. “I really liked being with the kids,” she said. “I wanted to take them to school and pick them up every day. I just love that moment. I didn’t grow up with my parents [around] and I missed that so much, so I wanted to give that to my kids.” 

She continued, “I love acting, but having balance is important to me. So if something comes along that fits into my life and lets me work close to home, then I’m happy to do it.”

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