Kris Jenner Explained How She Named Her Six Children & It’s Not How You’d Expect

She also forgot her only son's middle name.
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It turns out, there’s a reason why all the Kardashian and Jenner daughters have first names that start with a ‘K’. And now, matriarch Kris Jenner is explaining how each daughter—and one son—got their famous names.

In the second episode of The Kardashians’ second season, the self-appointed ‘momager’ broke down how she thought of the names for each of her six children, and honestly, some are quite surprising.

“I knew my kids’ names before they were born,” Kris explained in the episode. “I loved the name Courtney, and then I thought, it would be really interesting to put a K on it. So that was easy.”

“And then Kim—Christmas is my favourite day of the year, and I love the name Noel, and that was gonna be maybe her name. But then it didn’t start with a K, and Koel sounded really weird, so it was Kimberly Noel,” she recalled, adding, “I’ll just pause here and say she could have done Knoel with a silent K”.

“And then Khloé. I loved Chloé the designer, and then I tried Chloé with a K, and that was really good too,” she continued.

“I’ll pause again and say there is no Chloé the designer; there is a brand called Chloé founded by Gabrielle Aghion, who named it after her friend.

Kendall was gonna be Kennedy, or Cameron with a K, and then Kylie…Kylie! I mean at some point you just run out of K names. I mean truly,” she concluded.

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When it came to her son, Rob Arthur Kardashian, Kris explained it was a no brainer to name him after his father, Robert George Kardashian. But, she did accidentally got the two middle names mixed up.

“I didn’t even know my child’s name. This is so confusing. Can anyone keep up with this?” she said with a laugh.

“And Robert is Robert George Kardashian. No! Sorry, sorry. Robert Arthur Kardashian,” she said, referring to her only son who was named after his father, the late Robert Kardashian Sr.

Kris began talking about the origin of each child’s name when her youngest, Kylie, is yet to name her second child who is now seven months old. Basically, Kylie was struggling to get her newborn son a US Social Security card, which apparently can’t be attained without a legally registered name.

At this point, the name ‘Wolf’ (which was originally announced as the baby’s name before being retracted) was suggested as a placeholder as it went well with the baby’s last name, Webster. However, she and her partner Travis Scott  immediately regretted it.

“After I signed the birth certificate, I was like, ‘What did I just do?'” she said in the episode. But now, the youngest sister knows that this turn of events will become an interesting story later on in her son’s life.

“It’s a part of his story,” she said. “But his name has changed.”

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