‘The Kardashians’ Season Two Is Set To Address *Almost* All Our Burning Questions

What happened to Kete?
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Arguably one of Hollywood’s most famous families, The Kardashians, are bringing back their new self-named reality series for season two, promising a whole new level of “insanity”.

Given where season one left off, with Khloe being rocked by the revelation of yet another Tristan cheating scandal and subsequent love child, as well as all the headlines we’ve seen the family splashed across since, “insanity” doesn’t seem a stretch.

When is ‘The Kardashians’ Season 2 Release Date?

The Kardashians season two will be available to stream exclusively on Disney+ from September 22nd.

You can sing up to stream every episode, here.

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What Will Happen In Season 2 Of ‘The Kardashians’?

The first trailer for The Kardashians season two has officially dropped, and we unpack exactly which scandals and news stories the show will address and give us the behind-the-scenes scoop on.

That ‘Get Up And Work’ comment

In an interview with Variety, Kim told the publication: “I have the best advice for women in business, Get your f—— ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

The comment was immediately met with outrage from fans and critics alike, calling the star out for being “tone deaf” and unaware of her own privilege.

In the first look at the second season, Kim reveals she’s “mortified” over the spiralling situation.  

“No one sympathises with you,” Khloe tells her, before Kim responds: “I’m mortified and I do understand why people were upset.”

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Khloe’s Surprise Surrogate Baby

Fans were stunned when it was revealed Khloe and Tristan had welcomed a son via surrogate. Given the tumultuous end to season one and the couple’s rocky past, it’s safe to say it was news few were expecting.  

In the trailer Kris addresses the baby news, saying: “Our family grows, first Kylie, now Khloe.”

Khloe, sitting at a table with a single blue balloon then says: “It’s going to be really exciting, and I am ready.”

Pete & Kim’s Relationship

One unanswered question the teaser doesn’t address is the relationship status of Kim and Pete Davidson.

Despite making a memorable appearance in the first look at season two whereby Kim asks Pete if he wants to join her in the shower, the comedian and actor doesn’t receive a single mention in the main trailer.

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