‘I’m A Celeb’s’ Jess Eva May Need Emergency Surgery After Bugs Were Found In Her Ear

The stuff of nightmares!

If one of your fears has ever been to discover that a creepy-crawly has been living in your ear, be thankful you weren’t in the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here jungle, where that fear has become contestant Jess Eva’s reality. 

The former Block star took to Instagram to reveal that, following her stint on the Channel Ten series, doctors found bugs stuck in her ears—which caused her “insufferable” pain that may require emergency surgery. 

Her radio co-host Lawrence Mooney shared an update with listeners after Jess was noticeably absent from their show. 

“If you’ve been following Jess in the jungle, she was talking about having bugs in her ears and then had those syringed out by a doctor and there was some pupae or larvae in there and fully grown bugs, so she had quite a menagerie in her ears,” he explained.

“That situation has become critical and she is now on morphine because the pain has become insufferable overnight.”

Jess first opened up about the ordeal last week, saying doctors believed the bugs originated from swimming in the “manky” lake that was part of the I’m A Celebrity set.

“When I was in the jungle my ears started to hurt and I went to the medic a bit and then over time it got worse and worse to the point where I couldn’t sleep, there was so much pain,” she said. 

“I reckon I lost about 30 to 40 per cent of my hearing on Monday/Tuesday. I could hear ringing and a lot of pressure, so obviously what was in there was already dead, but it was getting worse and worse.”

If you’re squeamish, we recommend leaving the story at that. 

While doctors originally syringed out what they believed to be the bugs, the nightmare was far from over for the reality star.

According to Jess, doctors only managed to get the bugs’ wings out of her ears and not the creatures themselves. 

“After increased ear pain over the last week, I went back to the doctor today. She said she’ll wash them out again,” she told fans. 

“When she started to wash them out I heard a huge, ‘OH MY GOD! What is that!’ On further inspection, these huge, slimy, weird things were some sort of creature.

“‘I think we just got the wings last time,’ the doctor said. The doctor also said the antibiotic drops I was using must have freed the little buggers up!”

In true, hilarious Jess fashion, she finishes the ordeal with her signature positivity: “As much as I love having a piece of the jungle inside me, glad to have them out.” 

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