Kayla Itsines And Tobi Pearce Have Announced Their Split After 8 Years Together

"Our friendship remains strong as we parent Arna together"

Australian fitness star Kayla Itsines and partner Tobi Pearce have announced their separation after eight years together. The couple, who are also business partners, welcomed their first child in April of last year, daughter Arna. 

Taking to Instagram, Itsines said: “After eight years together, Tobi and I have come to the difficult decision to separate as a couple. We will always be family, and remain good friends and devoted parents to Arna.”

“We have grown up together in Adelaide, sharing a lifetime of experiences and special memories from moving into our first apartment and starting SWEAT from our lounge room to becoming parents to our beautiful daughter,” Itsines added. “Our friendship remains strong as we parent Arna together and run SWEAT as business partners. Thank you for your support and kindness during this time.” 


The couple created their series of fitness ebooks, Bikini Body Guides, in 2013 together and later launched the successful fitness app SWEAT in 2016. 

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