Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Are Reportedly In Couple’s Therapy

"You can’t just earn trust back in two months"

The whole world was certain Khloe Kardashian would tell Tristan Thompson exactly where to stick it when videos of him cheating on her – may we add, while she was heavily pregnant with his child – surfaced.

But a few months down the track and it seems the entire Kardashian clan has forgiven the NBA player and he’s happily raising daughter, True, alongside Khloe. 

Now, a close friend of Kris Jenner’s has spoken out, revealing Khloe’s reasons for staying and that the couple is still working through their issues

“Khloé was always going to try make this work, for a plethora of reasons. The first reason is she has a child now, and she feels very connected to [Tristan] in that way. The second reason is she loves him. She clearly loves the man,” Lisa Stanley said on KIIS FM’s Celeb HQ.

Stanley went on to reveal that Khloe was “never planning on leaving” Tristan and is intent on fixing their issues.

“She doesn’t want to look a fool,” Stanley explained. “She was a fool once with Lamar [her first husband, who also reportedly cheated on her], and she didn’t want to do it again.” 

“One thousand percent they are working through couple’s therapy,” Stanley continued. “She’s working hard, he’s working hard. You can’t just earn trust back in two months.”

“If Kris and the family had it their way, she probably would be leaving [him]. They’re not okay with this,” Stanley said. “This guy not only cheated on her, it was on video and the world saw it. And she was humiliated. But she’s choosing to stay.”

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