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Kim Kardashian Just Videoed Herself With Khloe And Tristan

"Should I ask this guy to unblock me now?"

While celebrating sister Khloe Kardashian’s birthday, Kim Kardashian shared a series of Instagram Stories showing Khloe with Tristan Thompson for the first time since the cheating scandal.

While taking a selfie video, Kim pans the camera around saying: “Okay guys, it’s Khloe’s birthday, do you think I should ask this guy to unblock me now?” She then pans the camera around to show Tristan and Khloe both laughing.


Tristan says “I got you, I got you” and laughs in response. Kim then asks: “So, was that a yes?” Tristan holds up thumbs up and opens his phone to unblock her, but Kim notices two other friends are also blocked.

“First and foremost, you guys unfollowed me,” Tristan says. Kim then shows Tristan’s phone as he unblocks her.

By the looks of things, everything is well and good in the Kardashian-Thompson family.

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