Lady Gaga Just Revealed She’s “Pregnant” With Her New Album

A very Gaga announcement

Lady Gaga has announced she’s expecting…her next album. The A Star Is Born actress and recent Oscar-winner shocked her Little Monsters when she announced #LG6, otherwise known as her sixth studio album is on the way.

Gaga also decided to poke fun at recent tabloid reports that claim she’s pregnant, tweeting “Rumours I’m pregnant? Yeah, I’m pregnant with LG6”, she wrote. 

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This is the first time Gaga has acknowledged the possibility of her sixth album, which many rumoured wouldn’t be coming for some time after her landslide success alongside Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born. The 32-year-old singer last released an album in 2016. Joane debuted at No.1 and released hits such as ‘Million Reasons’ and ‘Perfect Illusion’. 

We’re yet to have any more information about the upcoming album, but we’re already counting down. 

WATCH: Lady Gaga Breaks Her Silence On Her ‘Romance’ With Bradley Cooper. 

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