Here’s A Laugh, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu House Was Apparently Filled With ‘Titanic’ Merchandise As Home Décor

Jack and Rose's #1 fan

Thanks to their illusive and high-profile status, Hollywood’s A-list feel like a species of their own. Since average folk find it difficult to relate to award-winning stars, finding out about how they live their personal lives can be extremely fascinating.

But as it turns out, Leonardo DiCaprio is much more relatable than you’d think.

If there was one thing the ’90s was known for, it was Titanic. And while we still dream of owning Rose’s sapphire heart necklace, it looks like DiCaprio himself kept relics from the film and in a rather special place.

In an episode of Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, interior designer Megan Weaver opened up about a time when she stayed at Leo DiCaprio‘s beach house in Malibu while he was out of town, back in the late ’90s.

And her discovery was all thanks to his mother, Irmelin Indenbirken, she revealed: “When I was working for Leo, his mother let me—his mom was so sweet—let me stay at his beach house in Malibu for the weekend.”

She continued to explain, “I was dating somebody who was living in Canada, having a long-distance relationship and he came to town, and so they let me have the beach house.”


And apparently, what she found was less party boy and more fanboy. 

She continued, “I didn’t tell him where we were going and we walk into this beach house and everything was Titanic. Titanic towels, Titanic posters, Titanic everywhere. And so, [my boyfriend] did look at me and was like, ‘Is this Leo’s house?’ And I was like, ‘Yes this is Leo’s house.’ So that was pretty amazing.”

Of course, one may think that an interior shrine to Jack and Rose may feel more like a gift shop, however, apparently it was far from with Weaver insisting that “everything was very tasteful.”

Our personal décor taste aside, she continued, “I don’t think that’s something he would do now, but back then… again, this was like the ’90s. I think the film wasn’t even that old [yet]. It was also not his main house, and he hardly went there, so I think it was probably his mother who did it.”

Naturally, DiCaprio’s mother’s ode to her son may not be your interior styling of choice, but according to Weaver, her bedroom left a rather lasting impression. Weaver confessed, “It was the best bed I ever slept in, in my life.”

And just like that, our hearts will go on to love DiCaprio another day.

You can check out Megan Weaver’s retelling of the story on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast below.

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