MAFS Reactions: We All Agree That Intimacy Week Is Super Awkward, Right?

From "melting hugs" to forced laughter and Oksana the Dominatrix

Guys, it’s intimacy week on MAFS and you know what that means: very, very awkward encounters between the supposed “couples” of the experiment. New expert Alessandra Rampolla is here to guide everyone through, where she bases the week’s activities over chats she had with everyone individually before their marriages. What could go wrong? 

First up, we have Belinda and Patrick who are given three challenges: gazing into each other’s eyes, a long hug and a 10-minute kiss, which is like a televised version of seven minutes in heaven, a task no one should have nationally televised, honestly.

Bryce and Melissa are up next and because they’ve already been intimate, it’s a teensy-bit less awkward, even if he does ruin it by pointing out, once again, that she doesn’t have blue eyes. 

We also see Cam and Sam do the hugging exercise, which again, is super awkward, while Booka and Brett are given a box of “goodies” to enjoy, but they’re no doubt the cutest couple on the show so it’s something we’re happy to watch play out on screen. 

Below, the best reaction to Married At First Sight’s tenth episode, and as always if you’re looking for our rundown of tonight’s episode, head to our nightly recap


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