“Gaslight, Much?” MAFS Viewers Are Furious At Bryce After Tonight’s Epsiode

Yes, we're really watching this unfold again...
It's definitely not from Bali right

We’re already up to episode three of Married At First Sighthaving already witnessed ten brides and grooms make their forever vows to total strangers. Tonight, we see Alana (a self-described “hot teacher”) paired with tradie Jason; and Jo, a single mum of two boys, partnered up by the experts with James, a prestige car company owner who has a penchant for the finer things in life. 

Sparks were clearly flying for Jo and James, despite their relatively rocky start over the fact Jo wasn’t impressed by his job as a car salesman or by his shiny Rolex. After their reception, things got fairly heated for the new couple, with the groom taking off his new bride’s garter with his teeth (his teeth, people!). 

Meanwhile, at the honeymoons, Bec and James get off to an awkward start (although, that’s not really surprising), while Booka and Brett practice their intimacy ahead of meeting new expert Alessandra Rampolla with a bit of couple time in the bath.

Then the kicker comes. Bryce really goes and tells his new bride Melissa that she “isn’t his type” (this guy must be missing a sensitivity chip of some sort) and of course, she’s upset by the admission. In Twitter’s words, “gaslight, much?” Honestly, why are we still so surprised by such behaviour by men on reality TV? 

Annnnnnyway, as always we’re rounding up the best, most poignant, reactions to MAFS’ third episode. If you want a real rundown of what happened, head over to our recap


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