‘Married At First Sight’s’ Jonethen Was Kicked Out Of A Club Thanks To His On-Screen Treatment Of Connie

Karma doesn't forget

As we mentally prepare for the onslaught of drama in the upcoming season of Married At First Sight, it looks like past contestants continue to get themselves in hot water for our entertainment.

Season seven alum Jonethen Musulin is the latest in the post-show limelight, after he recently was kicked out of a club over his treatment of his on-screen wife Connie Crayden back in 2020.

As reported by The Wash, Jonethen was waiting in line at Hobart’s The Grand Poobah, but after he became sick of waiting, direct messaged the bar in an attempt to skip the line, thanks to his self-claimed celebrity status.

Asking to skip the line in exchange for a post, The Wash shared a screenshot of the conversation where Jonethen was told that he wouldn’t be allowed to use influencer privilege to skip the queue as a result of how he treated Connie during their season.

The bar spokesperson replied, saying: “Nah you can stay in the line… this ones for Connie.”

Fans of the series may remember Jonethen and Connie’s tumultuous relationship, where the pair couldn’t agree on whether their relationship was worth salvaging or not.

Between wanting to make things work and asking to leave the experiment, Jonethen played the ultimate game of flip-flopping when he chose to write ‘leave’ at one of Sunday’s commitment ceremonies, but later confessed that he was secretly hoping that Connie would choose to stay for the both of them.

Breaking Connie’s heart over-and-over again and claiming that he might develop feelings for her after committing to her for over six weeks, he led Australia to believe that he was purely looking to stick around for his five minutes of fame.

Ultimately, Connie and Jonethen made it to the finale, where Connie won hearts nationwide for her final commitment, not to him but to herself. In a gripping speech, Connie proclaimed:

“But, I had to put myself first for the first time in a long time. I stand by my decision, and although I didn’t find love with you I found something so much more important, something so valuable. I found that I am brave, I am strong, I am confident and I am worthy.”

But while she may have forgiven his on-screen behaviour, Hobart certainly hasn’t.

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