Married At First Sight’s Carly Spills On Her Relationship With Troy

This explains those park photos

While this year’s Married At First Sight on-screen drama revolved around Davina and Dean’s ‘affair’, there was another bit of partner swapping happening off-screen in a Melbourne park. 

MAFS fanatics will definitely remember the scandalous photographs that surfaced a few weeks ago of Carly Bowyer and Troy Delmege kissing and cuddling for all to see, while still wearing their wedding bands.

“They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and clearly didn’t care who saw them,” an onlooker told New Idea at the time. 

“They had bags from the supermarket and were enjoying a romantic picnic before Carly climbed on top of Troy. There was lots of groping and kissing. It was really full on!” 

Speaking to TV Week, Carly has finally opened up about her attraction to the toothbrush challenged Troy.   


“Physically, Troy is my type. I do go for that preppy, private school-looking guy and Justin and I had a conversation about that,” she revealed.

The 35-year-old explained that she and Troy had become close during the show’s filming.  

“We definitely bonded at the dinner parties, we seemed to be the ones in the relationships putting in a lot more than we were getting,” Carly said.

“I think we both sympathised with each other a lot more about that.”

And now that Carly and Justin officially called it quits on Sunday’s show, will we be seeing more romantic Troy and Carly dates? 

We bet he can’t wait to treat her to a special Dolmio dinner. 

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