Married At First Sight’s Charlene And Patrick On Last Night’s Explosive Dinner

"It was vile"

Last night’s dinner party on Married At First Sight was one of the most explosive in MAFS history.

Basically, the night before, the grooms had had a ‘boy’s night’ where they proceeded to rate all the brides – and Ashley’s mum – as well as talk about who they’d like to wife swap with. At this point, none of that even surprises us.

Angel Patrick didn’t want any part in the crude conversation, going home to tell his bride, Charlene, all about it.

Charlene then told Dean exactly what she thought of him in front of the entire dinner table. And yes, it was brilliant.

Appearing on the Today show this morning, Charlene says it had been “a long time coming.”

“I really let it rip … there was lots of stuff [throughout the series] and I have bitten my tongue,” she told hosts Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic.

“The bit that’s astounding is that [Dean, Troy and Justin] didn’t really think they’d done anything wrong. There’s no accountability and that’s the bit that makes me even more angry.”

Patrick then revealed that he’s now been “outcasted” by the other grooms on the show. Who, TBH, we wouldn’t want to spend time with, anyway.

“I didn’t expect the response, especially from the guys, he said. 

“We’re respecting each other. We’re in a unique experience. it’s like, respect these people. And they weren’t. So I stood up to it.”

We need less Deans and more Patricks in this world.

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