Married At First Sight’s Charlene Responds To ‘Man Up’ Comments

The bride came under fire last night

Married At First Sight‘s Charlene has been praised for shutting down Dean and his misogynistic ‘boy’s night’ comments, however, last night the bride was labelled a hypocrite after telling her groom to ‘man up’.

Let’s backtrack a bit. At the last dinner party, Charlene publically called out Dean, telling him his wife swapping chat was completely out of line. 

When Dean tried to put it down to ‘boy’s night banter’, Charlene wasn’t having any of it: “I’m a woman and speaking on behalf of all women, I wouldn’t be comfortable if someone was offering my wife around to the rest of the men at the table,” she declared as the whole country clapped in unison. 

Last night, she continued her reign as Queen of MAFS when she was forced to have lunch with Dean (we see what you did there, producers). “I really like Tracey,” she told ‘Visionz’, “and if you screw her over again, I will lose my mind.”


But that very same day, while all round nice guy Patrick was taking her out for a lovely dinner, Charlene told her groom to ‘man up’ for expressing vulnerability and wanting to speak about his emotions. 

“I’m scared,” Patrick explained. “I don’t want to be rejected.”

Her reply? “Be a MAN!”

Naturally, Australia was pretty confused. A) what does ‘man up even MEAN? B) Patrick is perfect C) Are men not supposed to have feelings? D) Do you really want Dean?

Appearing on Today this morning, the bride cringed as she was reminded of her words.

“It was terrible … Apologies, that is awful,” she told hosts Ben Fordham and Georgie Gardner.

“I shouldn’t have said the ‘man up’ thing but what I was really talking about is … I’m a really strong person. So when Pat is quite timid around me, that is a bit of a challenge for us, and I’m looking for Pat to meet some of my strength so we can work alongside each other as a partnership. That’s all I really mean with that.”

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