‘Married At First Sight’s’ Elizabeth Shows Off Her Biggest Transformation Yet

"So, I did a thing..."

Married At First Sight’s Elizabeth has already undergone a series of major transformations since making her debut appearance on Channel Nine’s social experiment. But it seems the outspoken bride wasn’t finished just yet. 

The 28-year-old, who came under fire while appearing on the show for her platinum blonde hair extension, revealed yet another dramatic makeover on social media. 

Taking to Instagram, the outspoken MAFS star shared a photo and accompanying video story with her 167,000 followers which showcased her new head of straight black hair. Confirming the look is current, she captioned the shot: “Call me what you want, when you want, if you want …. 🎧 #chameleon#nothisisnotanoldpic #ididittoday


Just weeks earlier, Elizabeth had taken to Instagram to show off her dramatic blunt bob that also caught the attention of fans. 

Following the outpouring of support, Elizabeth again took to Instagram to share that there was a reason behind her hair transformation. “Hey guys! I love that everyone is loving my new look,” she wrote to the social media platform. “It’s such a fun process for me to try out different looks and be artistic.

“Now, I just wanted to let people know that my hair extensions are still there. All that has changed has been my colour and length. I’ve had the top darkened to give a more balayage feel. The amount of tape hair extensions I had when originally changing the colour is still there.”

Elizabeth continued, “Why I feel that I had to address this is because I do indeed have a medical condition where I loose my hair due to overexposure of light, and I have a rash predominantly on the back of my nape travelling to my ears, it covers most of my scalp, but the bulk of the rash is at the back of my head. It is not pleasant and it never leaves and I have to treat it with a steroid every second day. The extensions act a way similar to a hat. Due to the bulk of hair it offers my scalp more of a form of protection.”

WATCH: Married At First Sight’s Elizabeth Shows Off New Look.

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