‘Married At First Sight’ Couple Jess And Dan Have Officially Split

Dan releases a lengthy video explaining his decision

In Monday morning news that’s sure to shock nobody, controversial Married At First Sight couple Jessika Power and Dan Webb have decided to call it quits, with the single father confirming in a lengthy video.

The 35-year-old didn’t hold back in a video interview published by Yahoo Lifestyle on Friday evening, in which he said he has feelings of “regret about ever meeting Jess.” 

Dan’s interview comes after Jess claimed earlier in the week that the couple were “working through” their issues after fighting through a live interview on Talking Married on Monday.


“Me and Jess have split, let’s get that straight. We have broken up,” Dan said in the video. “There are allegations coming out that we’re still together. She’s saying we’re still together. We are not together.”

Dan explained the couple’s relationship had come under strain after watching the reunion commitment ceremony, in which Jess was exposed for propositioning fellow MAFS star Nic Jovanovic.

Dan said the pair had “trust issues” throughout their relationship and reliving the reunion had reminded him “why I broke up with her at the start”.

“So after Talking Married, as soon as the cameras cut, Jess stormed off. She was pretty broken. She was very upset,” Dan said.

Dan became visibly upset in the video, even sobbing at one point whispering “I really loved the girl. I really loved her.” 

Jess is yet to respond. 

Watch the video below.

WATCH: MAFS’ Jessika’s ‘Heart Ripped Out’ After Hearing Cheating Allegations Against Dan.

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